Shadow President Credits (DOS)

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Shadow President Credits

Team True Assignments

Concept and DesignBrad Stock, Robin Antonik, Charlie Athanas
Subject ExpertBrad Stock
ProducerRobin Antonik
Lead Software EngineerBill Dempsey
Software EngineersBill Dempsey, John Marek
Software ContributionsMark Blaszczyk, John Freidman
GraphicsCharlie Athanas
MusicCharlie Athanas
Sound FXCharlie Athanas, Bill Dempsey
ManualCharlie Athanas, Robin Antonik
Lead Game TesterJohn Marek
Game TesterJason Rieff
Package DesignCharlie Athanas, Robin Antonik, Cheryl Daugaard (Sioux Printing Inc.)
Beta TestersFred Aker, Chris Franczyk, Dan Hallaby, Robin Horowitz, Dave Nicosia, Tom Parkinson, Kevin Perry, John Prettyman, Seth Weinberger

Team True Auxiliary Unit

Special Agents (For bravery in the line of hazardous duty)Ian de Hueck, Tracey Colter McCurrach, Julienne Penn
Field AgentsSue Antonick, the rest of the Antonick S.W.A.T. Team, Gus Athanas, Ann Athanas, Paul Atkins, Mark Blaszczyk, Libby Brombach, Rob Churchill, Carol Clark, Janet Dempsey, Wayne Dempsey, Roger Trilling (Details Magazine), Tim Moss (Details Magazine), EBIC, J Eddie Field, John Friedman, Harriet Friedman, Jim from Film Division, Larry from Film Division, Hall Friesen, Lila Jean Friesen, Bill Gibson, Deb Gibson, Barbara Goodman, Art from Graphic Expectations, Jennifer from Graphic Expectations, Brian Gurin, Michael Gurin, Jaime Baum Harris, Sullivan Hester, Johnie Hugh Horn, Robin Horowitz, IDEO, Ora from Illinois Superconductor, Mary from Illinois Superconductor, Steve from Illinois Superconductor, Justin from Illinois Superconductor, Laura from the Institute for Learning Sciences, Grant from the Institute for Learning Sciences, Mark from the Institute for Learning Sciences, Max from the Institute for Learning Sciences, Jared from the Institute for Learning Sciences, Ann Jacobs, Dean Don Jacobs, David Jacobs, Jon Lewin, Dick from Sioux Printing Inc., Cheryl from Sioux Printing Inc., Mike from Sioux Printing Inc., Ron from Sioux Printing Inc., Gary from Sioux Printing Inc., Cindy from Sioux Printing Inc., Gary from Sioux Printing Inc., Gertrude Marek (Mrs.), Jeff McCurrach, Brian Messiah, Bill Ihlanfeldt (Northwestern University [University Relations]/Northwestern University/Evanston Research Park), Helen Squires (Northwestern University [University Relations]/Northwestern University/Evanston Research Park), Kristin Dean (Northwestern University [University Relations]/Northwestern University/Evanston Research Park), Tom Parkinson (Northwestern University [University Relations]/Northwestern University/Evanston Research Park), Jim from the Technology Innovation Center, Pat from the Technology Innovation Center, Daisha from the Technology Innovation Center, Theresa from the Technology Innovation Center, Marnie from the Technology Innovation Center, Beckadoo from the Technology Innovation Center, Kristina from the Technology Innovation Center, Dan Muse, Bob Owens, Jana Owens, Nick Panteleo, PC Games, Lucy Petrovic, Robert Pfaltzgraff Jr., Steve Pickering, Jon Piper, Shawna Piper, Justin Piper, Jonny Piper, Ed Planer, Sally Nathan Rosenthal, Linda Samodral, Cathy Scanlan, Bill Seneshen, Donna Seneshen, Richard Schultz Jr., Katie Webb (SKY Magazine London), Byron Smith, Gigi Stock, Brian Stock, Douglas Stock, Roberta Stock, William C. Stock, Elaine Strickland, Bill Strickland, Rob Strickland, Kathy Strickland, Steve Strickland, Tiffany from Crown Books, Gail from Tufts University/Communications, Seth Weinberger, Jeffrey W. Wiss (Plumbers Division [covert ops])

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Credits for this game were contributed by POMAH (52505) and Zeikman (3496)