Shadow President Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

D.C. True company logo
Main Title (Nice paint brush effects)
Game start - The first time around, your automatically brought to the tutorial...its a tough game with it, much less without it.
White House Chief of Staff
National Security Advisor
Secretary of State
Secretary of Defense
Press Secretary
Director of CIA
Economic Advisor
World summary
Country presentation
Team Alliances
Regional Powers
GNP in East Europe
Let's bomb Saudi Arabia!
My advisors don't like my idea...
War in the Gulf
Intelligence Briefing
Other countries make politics as well
U.S. Budget
Bombing Iraq - really small animation
Iraq is upset? Good!
Executive summary
I always knew India is evil...
Don't try this at home - nuclear attack!
Nuclear attack animation
After nuclear attack
For some reason Americans didn't like my decision
The end of the world is near...