Shadow Warrior Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Taste my twin Uzis!
Found a secret area--and a fortune cookie
I'll have the cream soup
On a subway car
Viewing the automap (overlaid)
Viewing the automap (solid)
Seek the master's advice
Eat hot lead, ripper!
A slice from my katana makes you half the man you used to be!
Completing a level
Hey! What the f*ck are you doing?!?
Jesus Christ!!!
Poor soul...
A portable toilet.. cool..
Running on modern Hardware at 800x600 32bpp
Example of Shadow Warrior's reflective floors trick.
Operating at a huge stationary gun + a bunch if enemies within range = fun
The first boss in the levels of the full version
3Dfx version - default resolution (512x384).
3Dfx version - 640x480 resolution.
3Dfx version - level stats screen.
3Dfx version with minimized HUD.
3Dfx version - transparency effect when using the Smoke Bomb.
3Dfx version - underwater area.
3Dfx version - "Pixelated" mode (bilinear filtering turned off).
3Dfx version - the valley.
For comparison, the same scene rendered in software mode.