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ShadowForce Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Mission selection screen.
Mission briefing (Rise of the Overlord).
The ShadowForce team arrives at the Icarus space station.
In-game menu.
An unarmed character is better put into the Defensive combat mode.
A built-in help system explains the controls and gameplay basics.
Navigating the station. Interactive parts of scenery are displayed in two boxes adjacent to the first-person view screen.
The map displays explored areas, as well as open pathways to rooms that have not been visited yet.
Some plot relevant information can be learned by contacting the Earth Central Command through a communications console. Keywords are typed in manually.
An encounter with a security droid.
You'll need a flashlight to illuminate dark areas such as this air duct.
Facing three security droids at once on the way to the elevator.
Inside the elevator.
Chatting with a droid receptionist.
An encounter with a WarBot.
A little bit of self-promotion on the part of the developers.
Ordering information screen.