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Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye Credits


Developed byBrian A. Rice
Original Design byBrodie Lockard
Dragon' s Eye Design byMichael E. Moore
Shanghai II Design byKelly Flock, Michael E. Moore
Produced byMichael E. Moore
Assistant ProducerMitzi S. McGilvray
Programming byBrian A. Rice
Programming assisted byWilliam B. Norris IV, Clifford Falls, Glenn Leszczak
Compression TechnologyDavid Jennings
Art DirectionSteve Snyder
Art byDoug Barnett, Susan Greene, Karen Mangum, Jenny Martin, Matt Sarconi, Steve Snyder, Don Woo, Jean Z. Xiong
Calligraphy byTerry Beach Englehart, Jean Z. Xiong
Sound byPete Mokris
Music byRussell Lieblich
Product Management byTom Dickson
Tools Management byMichael Latham
Package Design bySteven Young
Photographs byMark Leet
Player's Guide bySteve Englehart
Layout byLeslie Roth, Nancy Waisanen
Testing byGary Barth, Bryan C. Beckstrand, Jeff Glazier, John Carlsen, Peter Winch, Kelly Zmak
Special Thanks ToScott Aaron, Glyn Anderson, Lucy Bradshaw, John Carlsen, Kevin Cheung, Jeff Glazier, Don Harlow, Bill Holt, Robert Lupo, Chuck Romberger, Dee Street, Tony Van, John Vifian, William D. Volk, Rob Wallin, Joe Ybarra, Robert Zalot

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Credits for this game were contributed by ClydeFrog (10542)