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Shattered Steel Credits

100 people

Interplay Productions

Executive ProducerAlan Pavlish
ProducerFeargus Urquhart
Associate ProducerMichael W. Stragey
3D Art DirectorRobert Nesler
Concept ArtAnthony Postma
Game DesignBioware, Feargus Urquhart
Game ScoreBrian Luzietti, Mark Morgan
Cinematic ScoreAlbert Lloyd Olson
Cinematic SFXCharles Deenen, David Farmer (of EFX)
Game SFXGregory R. Allen, Larry Peacock, Charles Deenen
VoicesH. Richard Green, Mari Devon, James Kevin Ward, Jack Angel, Merrill Ward, Joey Camen, Greg Berg, Ron Hale, Todd Stanton, S. Scott Bullock, Carlos Alazraqui, Marsha Clark, Roberta Farkas
DirectedCharles Adler
VO StudioMarc Graue Studios; Burbank
VO / ADR Co-OrdinationChris Borders
Voice MasteringCraig Duman
Voice EditingSergio A. Bustamante II, Douglas Rappaport
Voice FXCharles Deenen, Sergio A. Bustamante II
Audio AssistanceCheryl Posner
Audio DirectorCharles Deenen
Director of Quality AssuranceChad Allison
Assistant Director of QAColin Totman
Director of CompatibilityJohn Werner
Lead TesterJason L. Nordgren
I.S. TechniciansSteve Cabiness, Bill Delk, Aaron Meyers
Compatibility TechniciansDan Forsyth, John Parker, Aaron Olaiz, Derek Gibbs, Marc Duran, Phuong Nguyen
TestersHenry Kahng, Shanna San Paolo, Rene Hakiki, Erick Lujan, Daniel Huffman, Greg Baumeister, Steve Baldoni, Kaycee Vardeman, Gregory Torres, Douglas W. Avery, Steve Victory, Chris Keenan, Stephan Reed, James Dunn, Christian D. Peak, Savina Greene
Marketing ManagerJames Veevaert
Public RelationsJulia Roether
Graphic DesignDavid Gaines


President and Joint-CEOGreg Zeschuk (Dr.)
CFO and Joint-CEORaymond Muzyka (Dr.)
COO and Joint-CEOAugustine Yip (Dr.)
ProducerGreg Zeschuk ("the Son of Silicon")
Game DesignEveryone
Lead ProgrammerDenis Papp ("Mr. Positive")
Program DesignTrent Oster ("Problem"), Denis Papp
Graphics ProgrammingStan K. Melax ("the MAN"), Denis Papp, Cameron Tofer ("Doggan Face"), Brent Oster
Utility ProgrammingCameron Tofer, Trent Oster, Rob MacKay ("secret agent boy"), Greg Zeschuk, Brent Oster, Don Yakielashek ("The Crimper")
Interface ProgrammingDenis Papp, Rob MacKay
Creature ProgrammingCameron Tofer, Denis Papp, Rob MacKay, Brent Oster
Hardware ProgrammingTrent Oster, Denis Papp, Brent Oster, Stan K. Melax
Sound ProgrammingTrent Oster, Denis Papp, Scott Greig ("Young Boris")
Multi-Player ProgrammingDenis Papp
Programming Guru and AdvisorScott Greig
Lead 3D ArtistTrent Oster
3D ArtDavid Hibbeln ("Sloppy Guy"), Cassidy Scott ("Sausage Boy"), Greg Zeschuk
Lead 2D ArtistMichael Sass ("Sveltey")
2D ArtMarcia Olsen ("Marsha"), Russell Rice ("Whitey"), Jon Liu ("is this for the shareware?"), Clay Weishaar ("no way‚ you guys are so cool"), Steve Valette ("graffiti boy"), Rob Sawchuk ("I wish I could dunk")
Concept ArtMichael Sass, John Samuel Gallagher ("King of Couth"), David Hibbeln, Dean Andersen ("Macgyver")
Creature DesignCassidy Scott, Webb Anderson ("pizza repair man"), Michael Sass, Jon Liu, Allan Theriault ("slob ++")
Creature AnimationGreg Zeschuk, David Hibbeln
Mission DesignJohn Winski ("Bishop"), Patrick J. Winski, Greg Zeschuk
Also General Swell ArtistDaniel Walker ("Superman")
WritingRaymond Muzyka ("Zuke"), Augustine Yip ("ook"), Greg Zeschuk, John Winski
Manual WritingGreg Zeschuk, Raymond Muzyka, Augustine Yip
DialogueGreg Zeschuk, Raymond Muzyka ("pocket full 'o' RAM"), Augustine Yip, John Winski
TestingBen Smedstad ("Goomba"), Graeme Jahns ("Squishy Retrieval System"), Scott Dakus ("Cookie"), James Ohlen ("Squid Lips"), Jeremy Melchior ("Sizzlean")
A Special Thanks for Original Graphics Engine DesignBrent Oster
AcknowledgementBio Ware acknowledges the contribution of Pyrotek Game Studios in the initial development of Shattered Steel.


CinematicsTimothy Donley

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Credits for this game were contributed by Tim Donley (5) and MegamanX64 (16058)

antstream tournament