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Silent Hunter Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Direct hit in intro movie.
Title Screen from intro movie.
Main menu
The museum - there were some videos with interviews of a real WWII sub captain
Info about the subs - certain section had a little voiceover or video.
Creating a quick mission (convoy encounter) - lots of things to tweak
Select your sub - the differences are in performance, most of the in-game graphics look the same for different sub types
Select mission type.
(in game) The control center - here you select the various stations
(in game) Conning tower, outside view. You can scan for contacts with binoculars from here, or direct gun and AA fire
Mission briefing.
The TDC - here you set up the torpedo data for a shot - difficult to master on manual mode, but its the heart of the game
CaptainĀ“s cabin.
Radar screen. Different boats use different systems as well as sonar systems.
The chart - you spend a lot of time on this screen, plotting your course and getting the big picture
Through the scope.
Identifying an enemies boat.
Torpedos running on target.
Direct Hit. More to come.
Attacking a boat with the AA turret.
That does not look good.
Boat has been hit.
Target missed.