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atari warlords
Written by  :  Retron (225)
Written on  :  Jan 09, 2000

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This looks and feels like a less polished version of Epic Pinball

The Good

* The fact you get seven tables; some of which are quite good.

* The music is up to the high quality set in Epic Pinball

The Bad

* The engine can be a bit sloppy - balls getting stuck on flippers, for example

* Two tables (WarBot and Duel) are similar to tables in Epic Pinball - apart from sounds and graphics, they are so similar as to be the same. The themes of the tables are also dodgy - whereas Epic Pinball has Excalibur, and old-fashioned, wooden table, Silverball uses the layout for Warbot, which, being about robots, feels wrong.

The Bottom Line

An under publicised game - if you like Epic Pinball, you'll love this collection of seven tables - even if two are similar to those in Epic Pinball (another one has the same music!)

atari warlords