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Atari Cyberweek


To be able to run the Nova table (if you can't already):

Find the file PIN3.EXE. This is the main file for the Nova table, you just need a DAT file (the table/highscore pic), a PSM file (music) and a PIN file (sound effects) to go with it. Copy one of the PIN*.DAT files to PIN3.DAT, one of the SONG*.PSM files (I believe the Jungle Pinball tune may be in there, unused) to SONG3.PSM, and one of the SF*.PIN files to SF3.PIN. Finally, you will want to hexedit the first few bytes of PIN3.DAT to read "NOVA" rather than another table name. You will see the wrong table at the highscore screen, hear the wrong music, and get a few wrong sound effects, but the table can be played!

Actually, it was Purple Motion/FC who was supposed to make the music for the Nova table (find NOVA.S3M in any Purple Motion file archive), but I did not find his tune in this distribution.

Contributed by Andy Voss (1875) on Sep 16, 1999. -- edit trivia

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