SimCity 2000: CD Collection Credits

SimCity 2000

SimCity 2000 has been copyrighted byMaxis in 1993[Honest.]
Fred Haslam & Will Wright spent altogether too much time thinking about SimCity 2000 and bringing it to life on the Macintosh.Fred Haslam, Will Wright
Jon Ross gave up a year of his life dodging producers and sales people to bring you this DOS version of SimCity 2000Jonathan Ross (credited as Jon Ross)
Daniel Browning, not only coded mass quantities of SimCity 2000 DOS, but added years to the lives of many Maxoids through his series of email health messagesDaniel Browning
James Turner spent many hours helping Mighty Jon and Healthy DanJames Turner
Brian Conrad herded the cats to keep their bytes aligned and objects orientedBrian Conrad
Don Walters managed to get everything to happen without pulling ALL of his hair out.Don Walters
Jenny Martin cracked the whipJenny Martin
whileEben Sorkin, Susan Greene (credited as Suzie Greene), Bonnie Borucki, Kelli Jayne Pearson (credited as Kelli Pearson), created the pretty pictures in this product.
Sue Kasper gave up a promising career as a karaoke singer to create the music for SimCity 2000.Sue Kasper
Brian Conrad and Michael Perry kept the orchestra in tune with cool tones by the Fat ManBrian Conrad, Michael Perry, George Alistair Sanger (credited as 'Fat Man')
The Maxis Sample Heds stayed up dark nights in late rooms making weird noises into microphones.Maxis Sample Heds
Fred Haslam, Debra Larson, Chris Weiss, VERBed over an ADJECTIVE NOUN for hours on end to create the EXCLAMATION SimCity 2000 NewspaperFred Haslam, Debra Larson, Chris Weiss
Newspaper pics provided by Lori Reese, Archive Photos of New York City [an upcoming scenario]
To ground ouselves into reality we called uponBruce Joffe (GIS Consultant), Craig Christianson (National Renewable Energy Laboratory), Ray Gatchalian (Oackland Fire Department), Diane L. Zahm (Florida Department of Law Enforcement)
Michael Bremer got sick of us moaning over his puns, so he sat down and put them into another fantastic manual. (so now you too can moan over his puns).Michael Bremer
Tom Bentley & Debra Larson made sure at least half of Michael's puns were funny and speld corekly.Tom Bentley, Debra Larson
Vera Jaye made sure that the SimCity 200 box and manual wasn't just another face in the crowdVera Jaye
David Caggiano pushed words and pictures around on pages with perennial persistence until the peak of perfection.David Caggiano
Kristine Brogno made sure that Vera's & Dave's shoes (and loose ends) were tied.Kristine Brogno
Larry Lee invented ways to make people who had never heard of SimCity 2000 buy this stupendous sequel.Larry Lee
Ileana Seander and her funky-spunky bunch made sure that all the stores have SimCity 2000, just for YOU!.Ileana Sander (credited as Ileana Seander)
Alan Barton forced Don Horat, Roger Johnsen, Kevin O'Hare and Chris Weiss to play SimCity 2000 for hours at gun point to make sure everything worked like it was supposed to--and without a single homicide or bout of insanity during the infamous marathon testing sessions., And the pizza dude lessened the risk of cannablism. [Historical Note: Chris Weiss ate his mouse.], Alan Barton, Donjah Horat (credited as Don Horat), Roger Johnson (credited as Roger Johnsen), Kevin O'Hare, Chris Weiss
These gallant testers were aided by the rest of the Maxis crewRob McNamara, Steve Perrin, Kirk Lesser, Carter Lipscomb, Christopher Blackwell, Peter Alau, Michael Perry, Jim Siefert, Tari Kobylanski, And every other person at Maxis who had a DOS machine.
If (heaven forbid) you have a problem with SimCity 2000 and need to talk to someone, chances are you'll br hearing the charming voice ofCarter Lipscomb, Christopher Blackwell (credited as Chris Blackwell), Peter Alau, Kirk Lesser
Everyone who worked on the project felt for one reason or another these people deserved special mentionJoe Scirica (for making sure we stayed out of jail - pased Go and collected $200), Jeff Braun (who loves Maxis; runs Maxis; and IS Maxis - and we love him for that), Jim Siefert (for comic relief), Bob Derber (for keeping us out of court and other noteworthy achievements.), Michael Perry (because hehas long hair and we don't.), Cassidy Wright (who had to put up with Will's weird hours.), Joell Jones (who had to put up with Will's weird hours.), Michael Wyman (for special news bulletins.), Bob Sombrio (for special news bulletins.), Everyone else who punches the clock at Maxis[like it's the worst job we could find.]
Jon would like to thank these people for making his port easierDwane Strong (at MetaGraphics), George at Rational Systems, John Miles (at Miles Design), George Alistair Sanger (credited as The Fat MAn), Paul Schmidt (at Photodex), George and Denny[and even Slo-Mo Pete at Casa Orinda for many excellent free peanuts and something to wash them down with], The nice people downstairs at Caffe Teatro[even if Chris and Lionel work there - who sell us gallons of coffe every day because we need it.], Victor Romero (the cleaning guy), Lucy and Lola[The Amazing Flying Puglets], Jon's never-ending supply of antacids.

SCURK's Illustrious Credits

The SimCity 2000 Urban renewal Kit was copyrighted in 1994 byMaxis
Ed Goldman, Chris Weiss, Brian Conrad, Owen Nelson and a bunch of other people locked themselves in rooms for hours trying to figure out what a SCURK was.Ed Goldman, Chris Weiss, Brian Conrad, Owen Nelson
Ed Goldman used the weirdest development system I've ever seen to write the code and smokes bad cigarettes.Ed Goldman
Chris Weiss gave new meaning to the phrase "constructive criticism".Chris Weiss
Bonnie Borucki directed the artists in new directions with the future of artwork.Bonnie Borucki
Shannon Galvin, Barbara Pollak, Kok Wee Lim, Kelli Pearson, and Sharon Perry pushed pixels until they were blue in the face.Shannon Galvin, Barbara Pollak, Kok Wee Lim, Kelli Jayne Pearson (credited as Kelli Pearson), Sharon Perry
Larry Lee got the cool concept together and decided that you could say SCURK at the dinner table without getting slappedLarry Lee
Brian Conrad made sure our code didn't look like SinCity 2000 code.Brian Conrad
Alan Barton made sure our bugs didn't look like SimCity 2000 bugs.Alan Barton
Scott Shicoff was in charge of gathering suggestions, comments, and even a bug or two for Ed to moan over.Scott Shicoff
Andrew Podesta, Kevin O'Hare, Cathy Castro, Michael Gilmartin, Donjah Horat, Jussi Ylinen, Mike Gonos, and May Wong actually had to make up bugs.Andrew Podesta, Kevin O'Hare, Cathy Castro, Michael H. Gilmartin (credited as Michael Gilmartin), Donjah Horat, John Ylinen (credited as Jussi Ylinen), Michael P. Gonos (credited as Mike Gonos), May Wong
Owen Nelson made sure that what we wanted and what the customer wanted were reasonably similar concepts.Owen Nelson
Bob Sombrio and Michael Bremer picked words out of a hat and put them into the correct order for the manual.Bob Sombrio, Michael Bremer
Debra Larson fixed all the times Bob misspelled theirDebra Larson
Vera Jaye and Amy Melker put the words on the pages NEXT to the pictures (where they were supposed to go) instead of on top of them.Vera Jaye, Amy Melker
Davison Design came up with that most excellent box design.Davison Design
Kim Vincent and Martin Chan dogged Chris and Larry on a daily basis to get the parts together for the shrinkwrap.Kim Vincent, Martin Chan
Extra Special Thanks to these most excellent people that we all know and loveJeff Braun, Will Wright, Joe Scirica, Sam Poole, Lois Tilles, Robin Harper, Tari Kobylanski, Val Garcia, Jeffrey J. Feil (credited as Jeff 'Screenshot' Feil), The Two Derbies, Alex & the gang at Ottino's, Kersti Hale (credited as Kersti 'when are you coming up?' hale), all the Mikeys, Jimbo, Johnny, Roxy, Claire, Donny, Andy & all them other Maxoids, Don Walters

Special Edition Contributors

Not only did we have to make sure we thanked everyone who wrote SimCity 2000 and the Urban Renewal Kit, we also have a bunch more new people who worked on the Special Edition.It just wouldn't be fair to not mention them.
Additional Producing/Smacking/Audio/Visual mungingChris Weiss
Additional Excellent ProgrammingMichelle Perry, Kevin O'Hare
Additionally WritingBob Sombrio, Chris Weiss
Additionally EditingBob Sombrio, Chris Weiss
Additional MarketingLarry Lee, Sally Vandershaf
Additional Graphic Artwork (including the killer CD artwork!)Vera Jaye, Kristine Brogno, Amy Melker, Julie Bernatz
Maxis/SimCity 2000 Intro MusicJerry Martin, Brian Conrad
Maxis/SimCity 2000 Intro VideoMichael Murguia
Willvis Interview DigitizationTownsend Street Productions
Video PlaybackRAD's Smacker Video Technology [Thanks Jeff!]
Extra Video TweakingByrt Martinez, Michael Murguia
Lead TestingScott Shicoff
Additional Scenario Cities Created ByM. Brent Sleeper, Kevin Endo
Scenarios Created by Chris Weiss, Heather Mace
Additional SCURK artwork hand crafted by Broderick Macaraeg (credited as Rick Macaraeg), Mimi Macaraeg, Charlie Aquilina
Check the file README.TXT in the CITIES directory for excellent descriptions and the names of all the great people who contributed award-winning cities.

City Creators

In October of 1994, Maxis held a contest among SimCity 2000 users to create the best city they could come up with.Cities of all kinds were submitted; some had immense populations; some looked like great places to live; and some just plain looked neat., Of the over 100 cities submitted we sat down with mouse in hand and picked what we thought were the best 20 or so., Here they are each with a little description written by each author about his city.[It should be known that the people responsible for judging these cities wish to remain anonymous but can be easily spotted by the pizza in their teeth]
BayviewBrian Poff
Cape WellsKen Wells
CentervilleLoren J. Howell
Ceres Garden CityKeith Plunkett
Egypt FallsAndrew Ashbaugh
Four CitiesBing Chen
Helena PointWilliam Liao
HawaiiMichael Juneau
Herman MallvilleDurant Imboden
Hi‑Loh2oJoseph Reeder
La IslaSantiago Munne-Blanco (Pronounced 'Munay')
New Monroe BayWilliam Liao
NYCMatthew Singleton
RetreatKathy Nave
River5Brad Smull
SpiralopolisGerald Moore (credited as Jerry Moore)
St ChristopherChristopher Pierce
SymCityCraig Lichetenstein
The BahamasDavid
GloriosoGiles Tomkin
VirtualvilleGreg Gerke
Eaven MooreChristopher Osborne

Electronic Arts Ltd UK Help Guide

Original Trouble Shooting Guides Written byJames Abney, Chris Beron
UK Help File Compiled byIan Hawkins
Additional InformationIan Hawkins, Jason Berisford, John Hanley, Chris Chaplin
Special Thanks toFiona Hawkins

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