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SimIsle: Missions in the Rainforest Credits


Original DesignMatthew Stibbe
DesignSimon Parkinson
Additional DesignRichard Groves, Dee Jarvis
ProgrammingRichard Groves, Simon Parkinson
Additional ProgrammingJohn Merrells
Graphics / ArtworkDee Jarvis
Additional Graphics / ArtworkRichard Evans, Richard Guy, Andy Knott, Doug Telford
MusicHarry Holmwood
SoundHarry Holmwood
Development Tools ProgrammingJohn Barker, Martin Fermor, Harry Holmwood, Allan Murphy, Philip Veale
ResearchJason Gathorne-Hardy
ScriptMark Giles, Lawrence Miles
ProductionKevin Shrapnell
PlaytestingIain McNeil
Production (Maxis)Jim Siefert
European Production (Maxis)Philip Webb
Product Management (Maxis)Julia Hing
Documentation (Maxis)Tom Bentley
Script Editing (Maxis)Michael Bremer, Debra Larson
Manual Design & Layout (Maxis)David Caggiano
Technical Assistance (Maxis)Brian Conrad
Quality Assurance Management (Maxis)Alan Barton
Playtesting Director (Maxis)Michael H. Gilmartin
Playtesting (Maxis)Cathy Castro, Andy Derber, William Ho, John Landes, Joe Longworth, Keith Meyer, Marc Meyer, Tom Porcella, Scott Shicoff, John Ylinen
Additional Graphics / Artwork (Maxis)Charlie Aquilina, Bonnie Borucki, Shannon Galvin, Kok Wee Lim, Sharon Perry
Director of Technical Customer Support (Maxis)Rick Acquistapace
Technical Customer Support (Maxis)Daniel Burrel, Chris Charman, Jeffrey J. Feil, Tracy Leighton, Darren Lenard, Owen Nelson, Brian Smith
Management of Customer Support (Maxis)Roger Johnson
Public Relations (Maxis)Lois Tilles
Other (related to Production) (Maxis)Martin Chan, Val Garcia, Kim Vincent, Philip Webb
Photos / Graphics on Cover (Maxis)John Maggard
Special Thanks ToJennifer Abrook, Jo Cooke, Liz Dawes, Katherine Edge, Tom Forge, Clive Groves, Pat Groves, Cynthia Herbert, Emma Herbert, Chris Knight, Silvana Luciano, John Miles, Michael Perry, Dennis Rimmington, Joe Scirica, Morven Sloan, John Werner, Will Wright
In Memory OfRose Connors
Video ProductionMichael Wanger
Other (CNN-"Environment Unit")Chet Burgess, Brian Kraby
Other (Turner Multimedia)Bonnie Lewis
Other (BBC‑Archives)Michael Gidell
Research (Investigations and Procurement of photographs)Nicole O'Hay, Chris Trottier
Installation SoftwareInstalit by Helpful Programs Inc.
DOS Sound DriversSoundStream Audio System by Miles Design
Package DesignJamie Davison Design Inc.
Thanks toRainforest Action Network RAN for the facts about the rain forests in the world

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159304) and NGC 5194 (17613)