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Sink The Bizmark Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The game's title screen is also its main menu
The alternate title. This is shown when the player selects a one or two player game
The help option on the main menu displays this screen
Playing against the computer. It ranks itself as an Admiral. The Human player enters their details in the Player 2 window
Within the game there is an extensive set of instructions
Ships are placed by specifying the start co-ordinates and whether the ship is to be placed Up, Down, Left or Right from that point. Ships can be repositioned which is a nice touch
Players take turns to specify co-ordinates on their opponents screen.
Here both players have lost a carrier
Game Over Beaten by the computer who displays another smug message.
The end of game statistics
The game's high score table
There's also a quiz that can be accessed from the main menu. These are the quiz instructions
This is the first screen of the quiz, Level One. Questions are answered by pressing the appropriate letter. Once used that answer cannot be re-used for another question
The Naval Quiz After answering all the questions the player presses ESC. The game checks the answers and gives the result. If the player continues they get to go back and edit their responses