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Atari 50
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SkyNET Credits

73 people (46 developers, 27 thanks)


Project LeaderMorten Mørup
ProductionTodd Howard
Lead ProgrammingMorten Mørup
DesignTodd Howard, Morten Mørup, John Pearson
Graphics / ArtworkRichard Fox, Mark K. Jones, Michael Kirkbride, Christopher S. Ondrus, John Pearson, Juan Sanchez
Additional ProgrammingKenneth Houburg, Andrew Taylor, Craig Walton
MusicAndy Warr
Manual/Box LayoutPeggy Meile, Laura Melbourne
DocumentationTodd Howard, Michael Kirkbride, Bruce Nesmith
Cover DesignMark K. Jones
Production (Video)Brent Erickson
Background Artwork (Video)Michael Matthews, Christopher S. Ondrus
Director (Video)Shaun Mitchell
VideographerBart Rydalch
Music and Sound (Video)Andy Warr
Assistant Producer (Video)Michelle Buenzli
Grips (Video)Michael Matthews, Kelly Rains
ActingDennis Bateman (as John Connor), Sonya Gaubinger (as Katheryn Parker), Norm Lenzer (as Bill Hanover), Chad Maughan (as Thomas Jensen), Billy O'Sullivan (as Kyle Reese)
VoiceoversShaun Mitchell (Player Comments)
Executive ProducerChristopher Weaver
TestingJohn Beck, Paul Benmussa, Chris Boucher, Chris Bruns, Mark Carrington, Eric Eckstein, Mark Frezza, Gregory Halloway, Jeff Howard, Pam Humphreys, Kurt Kemmling, Kelvin Mao, Jim Pedicord, James Sablatura, David Syria, Phil Thompson, Timothy Verpoorten, Paul Winner, Mike Zemina
Special Thanks "HAL-MART", Vlatko Andonov, Doug Campbell, Bridget Conner, West X Deli, Brad Feek, John Fellows, Rick Fernandez, Mark Goodman, Paul Hoggart, Kim Howard, Tack Room Too Inc., Randy Krakowski, Kurt Kuhlmann, John Lee, Bruce Nesmith, Videoland Productions, Modern Props, Customer Service, Roland Shackford, Scott Torkelson, The Sports Warehouse, M&M Welding, Matthew Whalley, Kevin Wright, Paulson's, Christine Seigel

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Credits for this game were contributed by Istari (342), Frumple (1050) and formercontrib (157962)

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