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SkyRoads DOS Title/menu


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Written by  :  Blast Vortex (66)
Written on  :  Jan 31, 2009
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Cosmic Obstacle Course Quickly Becomes A Reach For Gaming Zen

The Good

Despite the minimalistic approach it might seem to have, this puzzle-racer of sorts is a truly an engrossing game.

Whether swerving to avoid oncoming obstacles, ducking your agile craft through a narrow tunnel, or hopping over the gaping maws in the abyss of space, this is one game that doesn't disappoint in the gameplay department.

The effect tiles also provide an entertaining spin to this already amazing title. Be it the devious charm of the oil-colored "slippery" tiles, the flaming menace of the red "burning" tiles, or the desperate grab for that elusive blue "supply" tile, these are the little twists that can take a modestly amusing game and turn it into a reach for the stars (quite literally too).

Now combine that reach for your inner speedster with a hypnotically inducing soundtrack and some of the most fabulous sights this side of the Milky Way and you know that you're going to be hooked a long, long time.

The Bad

At first glance, the game itself can feel a bit shallow and more like a special obstacle arena of sorts than a full game. However, once you get past that notion and actually start playing through the various tracks, you'll find yourself embroiled in the search for gaming zen in order to beat the more harrowing tracks.

A level/track editor would've been a nice edition to the lineup, as the game still does feel somewhat lacking in the features department. Of course, given the era that this game came out in, this is easily a forgivable offense.

Last but not least, the difficulty of the tracks themselves seems a bit inconsistent. Although the game doesn't seem too chafing from the get-go - and on the most of the track sets progress well enough in terms of difficulty - it sometimes appears as if the reverse true. You also might find yourself breezing right through a host of relatively easy tracks later in the game where you might normally expect some much harder ones. Perhaps Bluemoon Interactive (the developer) really intended that these provide the player with a much needed break in the pacing from time to time, but the timing of it is odd enough that it's really more confusing than it is anything else. It would have made much more sense to have the difficulty curve escalate more progressively on the whole, but at least it does relieve some of the tension once in a while.

The Bottom Line

Aside from the observation that marrying the puzzle game and racer genres is a winning scenario from the get-go, this game provides a virtual feast of stunning cosmic scenery and both amazing and harrowing experiences in the race to achieve gaming zen.

That's not to mention that the sheer volume of tracks will themselves keep you busy for what seems like a near-eternity as you cheat death and zone in to the game's mesmerizing soundtrack. If you're looking for a finger-twitcher to satiate your desires, this is one game that will keep you hooked for a astoundingly good time.