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The Smurfs Credits

26 people (5 developers, 21 thanks)

DOS and Windows 95 Version

ProductionEmmanuelle Périgault-Vigier, Stéphane Bonazza
ProgrammingEast Point Software
Special Thanks toOlivier Robin, Sylvain Branchu, Beate Vigliano-Reiter, Beatrice Egea Rodriguez, Emmanuelle Tahmazian
And to the original development and production teamStéphane Baudet, Benoit de Maulmin, Jean Christophe Garrido, Jérome Guerry, Frédéric Jay, Frédéric Mentzen, Nicolas Pothier, Vincent Pourieux, Edith Protiere, Emmanuel Régis, Xavier Schon, Jean-François Streiff, Jean-Marc Torroella, Yannick Turbé
Special Thanks to (2)Thierry Culliford, et IMPS
©Peyo 1995-1996 licensed through IMPS
© 1995-1996Infogrames Multimedia

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Credits for this game were contributed by Rounin (6078)