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Socher Hayam Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title and credits
Our week of trading has begun
The forecast looks good... despite the weatherman's crude methods
What would you like to do today - buy, sell, depart, visit the bank, or rest?
I think we'll be buying some grain
Choose your destination
Pirates approaching! Shall we attack, run away or negotiate?
Defeated the pirates... and found some loot
Arriving at Mersin, Turkey.
Depositing my grain sale profits at the bank
Copper looks like a good investment; let's buy a tonne
Unfortunately, the very next day local copper prices go down...
Take the risk of setting sail at night?
Hazardous conditions increase the cost of armed escort ships
Buying grain in Port Said
It's day 3, and olive prices in Turkey have plummeted
The ship is loaded beyond capacity... embark anyway?
Found 4 tonnes of olives on an abandoned ship!
Status screen showing the weather, my bank balance, the ship's capacity, and damage evaluation
Repairs at the home port
The fortune teller predicts a storm off the shores of Israel
Thieves have broken into the ship and made off with some cash...
Damaged by a storm... should've listened to the weirdo with the crystal ball
Strong winds may blow your ship off course
A merchant in urgent need makes a generous offer in exchange for olives
Last day of trade: remember to sell all your goods by the end of the day
Made the high scores!