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Available for Trade

User Platform Comments Condition
Grangel (30) DOS None Not Specified
n][rvana (1829) DOS Includes manual. Box/Packaging: Item Missing
Original Media: Item Missing
Manual: Near Mint
Catalog: Item Missing
Reference Card: Item Missing
Additional Items: Item Missing
(more info)
tbuteler (3156) DOS None Box/Packaging: Good
Original Media: Very Good
Manual: Very Good
(more info)
Vince Carter DOS None Not Specified
Neuroquila Amiga None Not Specified

Wanted for Trade

User Platform Comments Desired Condition
sweet oblivion DOS None Not Specified
Christian Genzel (32) DOS None Not Specified
Evil Azrael (261) DOS None Not Specified
Gerrit Boshoff (31) DOS None Not Specified
ti00rki (1749) Windows None Not Specified
Matt Chedister SNES 4 Not Specified
Randy Belk SNES None Not Specified
SagiMewtwo (2) Genesis None Not Specified
marty CUMMINGS Genesis None Not Specified
nemesis_enforcer (13) Genesis None Not Specified
MANUEL MARTIN (18) Amiga None Not Specified
imamaniac (1) Amiga None Not Specified
ti00rki (1749) Amiga None Not Specified
Jeff Robinson (68) Amiga None Not Specified
Daniel Osborne Acorn 32-bit None Not Specified

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