Space Ace II: Borf's Revenge Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title screen.
The evil Borf, babalized by the Infanto Ray in Space Ace 1, returns to his full size.
Dexter defends Kimberly against Borf's minions, but they succeed in kidnapping her.
Mr. Monster has a healthy appetite.
Whoa! Laser drones!
Is it really Kimberly...
...or just a giant Anti-Ace in disguise?
Hero snacks... can't eat just one!
Catch a falling girl.
Snakey like crunchy spaceships!
Just when you think you're crash-landed savely, some hovering arch-nemesis has to pop up!
Beware of man-eating plants!
Borf's dumping Kimberly? That's low!
Saving your girl with classic vine-swinging.
Score and Lives status screen.
Getting captured by Borf's goons.
Fending off Borf's goons and trying to protect the girl.
Borf is happy that he's big again and he's back in action - this is not good for our hero!
Getting eaten by an alien monster. What a way to go!
Alien kitties jump me!
Back you cats! I say, back!