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Space Battles Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Keypunch logo / loading screen
The main menu
Space War title screen (CGA graphics mode)
Space War game instructions (CGA graphics mode)
A game of Space War in progress (CGA graphics mode)
In Space War you can turn the planet on and off (CGA graphics mode)
Space War title screen (Hercules graphics mode)
Space War gameplay (Hercules graphics mode)
Meteor Shower introduction
Meteor Shower game instructions
The main menu for Meteor Shower
Meteor Shower gameplay; here come the meteors!
Meteor Shower - collect all the pieces of this scene before it's destroyed
Meteor Shower game over - the scores
Moon Lander - title screen and instructions
Moon Lander gameplay
Moon Lander - oops, I crashed!
Moon Lander - ran out of fuel so the mission is aborted
Moon Lander - almost landed! Just a little further to go...
Space Zombies title screen and main menu
Space Zombies gameplay; collect the dots!
Space Zombies gameplay - better watch out, a space zombie is closing in!
Space Zombies - caught by a zombie!
Space Zombies game over - here are the scores