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Atari Cyberweek
Space Commanders DOS Select color mode


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As a Space Invaders clone, your task in this game is to defend the Earth against endless waves of incoming aliens. The more you kill, the faster they go; if they complete their winding descent down the screen, your mission is over. Each row in the orderly squadrons is populated by a distinct breed of vaguely-insectoid intruder, and their point values vary accordingly - you get less for zapping the cannon-fodder at the bottom, more for the higher-ups. If you get them all, a new batch of uninvited guests will drop by for another (more difficult) round.

Five shields stand between you and the enemies - until they get too close - and can absorb a limited amount of damage before they give in. The occasional flying saucer which darts across the top of the screen (sometimes subversively marked "cop") can be shot for yet more points.

All of this can be done in five skill levels, ranging from novice to expert. A somewhat unusual feature is the ability to move your ship up and down as well as sideways, although you’ll always be aiming straight up.


Space Commanders DOS The main menu
Space Commanders DOS Title screen (No color mode)
Space Commanders DOS Begin Stage 1 (No color mode)
Space Commanders DOS Game over and enter High score (No color mode)

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The best version of Space Invaders I've played. Olly Wright (1) unrated

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Space Commanders supports the use of a color or black and white monitor. If you choose the black and white option and are running the game on a true CGA card, the game will use the tweaked red-cyan-white-black palette. This palette appears as black and white on a color or black and white composite monitor, but as color on a color RGB monitor. The rest only uses the white color though, and will appear as black and white on any type of monitor.

Historical note

This game's publisher - Columbia Data Products - was a computer manufacturer that introduced the first ever "IBM PC compatible" computer (in June 1982). To attract buyers, CDP began offering a package of popular software titles bundled for free with its PCs. Space Commanders was released in 1983, to join this "Columbia Super Pack" of free bundled software.
Thus, the first clone of the trend-setting PC was being sold with the first PC clone of the trend-setting arcade game - quite fitting!
wanax (338) added Space Commanders (DOS) on Dec 15, 2002
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