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Space Conflict Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Let the conflict begin (to the right: game menu)
Exploiting a generic planet - by mining, as shown in the animation panel
The map view is limited by the scan range of your ships.
Ending the turn with some modest income
And now for the red player (who, for some reason, starts out with more cash).
Oooh, this destroyer is packing some heat!
Watch out for clich├ęd sci-fi tropes... like the ever-dangerous asteroid field.
'Scuse me while I tend to my garden.
Back at the starbase, we're about to trade with this lovely lady for a scout ship.
And why not a brand new frigate while we're at it?
The red fighter stumbles into a vortex...
...and emerges in a far-off sector.
These orange worlds are trading planets: time to haggle!
The trusty-looking merchant peddles his wares (beat-up CRT not included).
So, we meet at last!
One cup of fiery laser death... coming right up.
Well, kind sir! It would appear that I just whooped ya up good.
Hey you - quit playing Solitaire and fill up my battery!
My map view has expanded... ever so slightly.
Ending a move in one of these sectors will restore a little of your energy.
Time to pick on some of the bigger boys...
The damaged fighter gets a reduced scan range.
Better dead than red, they say - why not both?