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Space Job Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen.
Info part: Explore a typical Karstadt department store.
Info part: Job preparation through ultra-simple mini-games - decorate a sales stand with two (!) items.
The Karstadt store planet with its four departments.
"Price the product" mini-game. Mind-numbingly boring.
"Place the product" mini-game. As challenging as finding sand in the Sahara. Which company sponsored this game?
"Sell the product" mini-game. Talk with customers in multiple-choice dialogues.
"Sort the trash" mini-game. Press the correct button as two types of packaging zip past on the conveyor belt.
"Push the crates" mini-game. A reasonable Sokoban-clone and a moderate challenge.
The system map. We're off to the leisure planet.
Space travel cutscene.
Space travel mini-game. Avoid the asteroids.
24th century apartments from the outside.
24th century apartments from the inside. The more money you earn, the better your apartments get.
The administration planet. Buy better spaceships, go to night school.
A night school lesson. Miss a few sessions, and your marks will drop.
The leisure planet. Here's where you have fun and meet a potantial girlfriend.
A visit to the aptly named Torture Garden gym.
Play Roulette or Black Jack at the casino.
A hot night at the club. Dance, drink, meet girls.