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Advertising Blurbs

Sierra originals back cover:
    Space Quest IV: a Science-Fiction parody

    Discover the most burlesque and satirical world of space ever to come to the computer screen! Learn how to survive with your favourite hero and stand your ground in the face of an evil assault force from the Cosmos. A force which is determined to make this adventure the last one in the series... The future of the next Space Quest lies in your hands!

    Deadly crosstime assasins are out to put an end to Roger and all this Space Quest nonsense once and for all.

    A space opera that will leave you laughing. Hand painted, futuristic colour graphics, realistic animation & scrolling screen.

    "Warped speed and warped humor." -PC Games-

    Contributed by Sciere (556931) on Oct 05, 2003.

From the back cover:


    Get ready for a trek through time with everybody's favorite intergalactic sanitation engineer and freelance hero, Roger Wilco. In their latest spaced-out space opera, the Two Guys From Andromeda take on science fiction (and just about everything else!) in a spoofy sendup that will leave you laughing.

    Roger Wilco embarks on a topsy-turvy trip through space and time in this fourth chapter in the award-winning Space Quest series, Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers. From a nostalgic look at his past in Space Quest I to a terrifying visit to the future of Space Quest XII, Roger's on the run again.

    And hot on his ion trail are the Sequel Police, deadly crosstime assassins who are out to put an end to Roger and all this Space Quest nonsense once and for all.

    Once again it's up to Roger Wilco to save the future - or is that the past? - of the Space Quest series, and keep the universe safe for fair play, bad jokes, and lots more Space Quest games.


    • Hand painted, futuristic color graphics.
    • The most realistic animation you've ever seen in an adventure game.
    • No typed-in commands - point and click to perform game actions.
    • Scrolling screens - the first ever in a Sierra adventure.
    • Another terrific rock 'n roll soundtrack, with even more realistic sound effects.

    "Downright funny, well written and satisfying..." -ST Update-

    "The Two Guys are warped and deranged." -PC Magazine-

    "Warped speed and warped humor." -PC Games-

    "We're talking truly zany here." -Nibble Magazine-

    The Two Guys From Andromeda, frequently mistaken for Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy, are the award-winning designers of three previous games featuring the intrepid broom-jockey Roger Wilco. To their many fans who have been constantly clamoring for a fourth Space Quest adventure they would just like to say: "Here! Now shut up, already!"

    Contributed by Belboz (6576) on Aug 31, 2001.