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Space Spirals Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The main menu
Help, display brief instructions
Starting the game, the first level
Shooting at the tumbling bombs
Level completed, the refueling ship docks with the space station
Level completed, bonus for remaining fuel
Starting the game, the second level
Level 2, Twitching Mines at the top of the screen
Level 3, Sliding Xorns on the right
Level 4, Spiraling Saucers
Level 5, Circling Seekers
Level 6, Vexing Valkyries
Level 7, Terroristic Treyes
Level 9, the Bombastic Bombers throw more bombs
Level 10, the refueling ship was hit by an enemy
Level 11, Onslaught, uh-oh..
My shield can survive only 2 more hits..
Shield gone, about to be hit by a bomb
The game end with a big pixelly explosion..
..and a flashing GAME OVER screen