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Space Station Escape Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The game starts with this screen. A few other still pictures with text outline the destruction of Earth
The main game menu. Using the down arrow takes the player all the way down column 1 and up column 2
A warning that this is strictly a DOS only game
The game starts here, in an empty corridor. Ahead are some doors. The default weapon is the 'Ninja Kick'.
The aliens look vaguely humanoid to me. They certainly die like humanoid life forms when faced with a shot gun. The schematic on the lower right shows I took some damage in the exchange.
A health pack. Like most items the player must press Enter to pick it up. The only items I found that go straight into the inventory are ammunition packs
Guards will hide behind corners
This is a lift that requires a security card
Some new finds - a security card to open a locked door, and a goo gun
This is a gooed guard
Once the card is in my possession the lift doors open automatically. This is the end of Level 1 and the lift takes the game to level 2.
Starting level 2. The bad guys here wear green but they still fall to the long range shot gun blast
The levels and the general feel of the corridors is all very much the same, its easy to get lost after a while.
The blue key symbol in the centre means this door requires a key that I have not got
Got the blue key and have entered the room. The green thing ahead is armour.