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SpaceKids Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

In case you were wondering which division would publish such a title... here it is.
Title screen -- and starting location!
Cut-scene: An average Earth village -- a suburban subdivision.
Cut-scene: Buzzing the house with your flying saucer reveals the house to be... a sleepy doghouse!
Even the window is anthropomorphised here -- you must time your entrance according to the snores.
Cut-scene: here are our protagonists looking out their vessel's viewport.
An interlude with Elmo the elephant and his friend Buzz... who apparently enjoys flying into Elmo's orifices.
Cut-scene: A look back at simpler times back on the Moon.
Deet must navigate... an array of musical notes.
Cut-scene: A fork in the road! Which is, to say, a path in a lady castle's palm.
As best as I could tell, it was a kind of Pong played with weather phenomena.
Cut-scene: Wait a sec... this entire landscape... is made of strawberry ice cream!
Cut-scene: The sinister Grunge shakes Zeedle out of a sack
Cut-scene: A joyous reunion with Grandpa!
... albeit as slave muscle moving Grunge's improbable airship.
Cut-scene: Escape from a lair easily as evil as any I've ever seen.
Grunge suffers a spill after Buzz pops his balloon.
Cut-scene: The flying saucer departs Earth, dripping strawberry ice cream on a passing band.
Cut-scene: The moon-beings return home with Grandpa and a hold full of strawberry ice cream.
The final puzzle. Can you work this one out?