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Spacewar Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen/main menu, title animation
Title screen/main menu, title competed
Game instructions
Game keys
Spaceware is user-supported software (aka shareware)
Players shooting photon torpedo's
Photon torpedo's can be shot with the phaser
The right player bites the dust
Right player does a hyper space jump
Avoid the planet in the middle
The ships in close range combat
Title screen (v1.50, Hercules)
Instructions (Hercules)
Left player picks off incoming torpedoes in mid-flight (Hercules)
...but ends up vaporized by the right player's phaser. (Hercules)
Adding a planet into the mix (Hercules)
Right player morphs into a jumble of dots while hyper-jumping. (Hercules)
The addition of gravity results in a messy end for the right player. (Hercules)