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Spear End of Destiny Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Main menu
An excerpt from the story
B.J.'s arsenal gets a few additions
Nazis never did like the whole "stab in the back" thing
Look out for mines in the snowy ground. Nice of them to put up a sign
Suicide clone goes boom
Wounded enemies (like this guy) will make a beeline for health items and grab them!
A fireball-spewing trap
...and an unfortunate SS who just walked right into its path
A secret area. It's not just about pushwalls anymore
Located the bronze key
Switches can control fireball traps on and off, or move certain walls around
A welcome relief for health issues
Picked up the invulnerability artefact!
Up against a rocket turret
Level stats
A macabre scene at the prison wing
Grab the Artifact of Fury to dispatch bad guys with a single stab
Ultraclones and... robots?!
The silent stealth rifle comes in handy here
Achtung! No shouting at the library
Time to flush you down, clone
Rocket launcher in action