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Advertising Blurbs

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    Sorecerer University

    More babes. More brewskis. More bad jokes.

    A flash of light...a puff of smoke, and...EUREKA! The perfect woman steps out of the Sorcerer's Appliance. You've created Eve! (it's only been done once before, and that time it cost the guy a rib).

    Return to Animal House. It's pledge week at Sorcerer University, and with Eve's magical help, you'll survive a series of ridiculously impossible hazing tasks. But life isn't all dancing bananas, shower rooms and melodious moodhorns; and soon you find yourself in a desperate race to save the University from certain destruction.

    A Tale of High Education and Low Morals. Ernie Eaglebeak is once again the unlikely hero in this hilarious romp through the bedrooms, turrets, and tunnels of Sorcerer University and nearby Barmaid U (where grading on a curve takes on a whole new meaning). To pass this course, you'll need to cast ridiculous spells, solve ribald puzzles and "interact" with gorgeous women. Any questions? We didn't think so.

    Class dismissed.

    Contributed by Belboz (6582) on Mar 19, 2000.