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Spelljammer: Pirates of Realmspace Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Main menu
Character (Captain) Creation: choose your class
Character (Captain) Creation: reroll the stats of your character to your hearts content. No stats modifcation here though!
Game start - this is the main navigation screen. Currently overlooking an unknown planet.
Ship Info - this screen provides information about your current vessel. Later in the game, you may acquire many other different ships.
Navigation Screen - here you can set a course to a designated planet or area of space, which you can use to "spelljam" or autopilot your ship to that destination.
Welcome to the Port City of Waterdeep!
Waterdeep - Temple of Isis. Among others you can bless your troops...who knows you might need it when coming across nasty pirates in the space realm.
Waterdeep - Council of Lords. Visiting a port requires you to pay taxes, or else the city will confiscate your gold and cargo!
Waterdeep - Harbormaster. Refit and repair your damaged ship.
Water Deep - Rix Ale House. Drink up and listen to rumors...who knows if it might come in handy in your travels.