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Spider Run Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The game's menu follows the developers company logo and a reminder that the game is shareware. A different 'spider fact' is displayed each time the player returns here
The game's documentation can be accessed as a WORD document or in-game via the help option
The start of a game. The spider starts in the green cell and the player must rotate the path in adjacent cels to build a road for it
Game Over! Solid blue squares are paths that the spider has travelled through, they can't be reused. The spider moved off the bottom of the screen and has reappeared at the top where there's no path
Helpful confirmation that this game is, indeed, over.
The game holds the top ten scores
After each game the player is asked if they want another go. Responding 'Yes' takes the player back to the main menu and another spider fact.
This game is going well. The cells the spider has passed through are solid blue. The 'inch counter' on the right shows that when the spider goes off the screen these cells will be reset
The spider has re-entered the game area from the bottom and all cells have been reset. However there are now two blank cells
game over again - I planned the route ahead but the cell reset placed a blank cell in the spiders path
Level 1 completed in style. Needed 100, scored 289, got a bonus of 89. Total score 378
Start of level 2. There are bonus cells in this game.