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Text-file catalog - DOS (US):
    SQUAREZ DELUXE - The Next Generation of Puzzle Games $19.95

    Devastator bombs, missiles, and hazardous chemicals introduce the next generation of puzzle games from the author of Jetpack! With the enthralling combination of action and strategy you can blow your opponent away, or race the clock for hours of stimulating action! Maneuver your pieces filled with bizarre items to form 'squarez' and keep your area clear. 256 color VGA graphics, AdLib/Sound Blaster support. A mouse or joystick are optional. Requires: An 8088 (XT), 286 (AT), 386, or 486 processor, 512K free conventional memory, VGA graphics (supported on VGA, MCGA, & SVGA cards)

    Software Creations --- Software Showcase Software Creations is a division of Linton Enterprises Inc.

    Contributed by Geoffrey Palmer (145) on Nov 20, 2006.

Unknown Source:
    The next generation of puzzle games is here with the addition of hazardous chemicals, devastator bombs, and missiles! Maneuver your pieces to form 'squarez' and stay ahead of your opponent, or race the clock to practice your skills. There are three levels of play to suit your taste: the plain basic tiles, the normal amount of special tiles, and the chaotic extreme mode with tons of exploding tiles and surprises.

    Contributed by Kalirion (667) on Sep 02, 2000.