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Stalker 1: Path of Fire Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The game literally starts with a bang, a big one. This is one of the nuclear explosions that creates Stalker's world.
The intro & the title screen show some quality artwork. Putting Stalkers hat on the letter 'S' was a nice touch.
The help screen showing the action keys is language independent.
Three levels of difficulty are available
In case there's any doubt about the level the player is on it's shown when the game starts/restarts.
There are twelve sections to the game. Only section 1 is available at present because this is the first time through.
Level 1: Stalker is about to pick up some bullets while being attacked by a green thing.
This is the exit. Can't seem to leave though, probably because the nasties have not been killed.
Level 1 completed. The player can choose which level to play next. Only one level can be chosen and that must be completed before another choice is given.
The start of level 2. The acid green line along the bottom of the screen is the edge of the ledge, cross it and die.
Could not pick up the bullets for some reason and that exit is very hard to get to ...
... ended up falling down the crevasse and having to fight.
Game Over
When the player dies they get the chance to start a new game. The new game restarts at the beginning of the current level.
Teaser screen for the second game in the trilogy
Another teaser, this time for episode three