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atari breakout

Star Control 3 Credits

115 people (110 developers, 5 thanks)


ProducerGeorge MacDonald
Associate ProducerAllen Edwards
Assistant ProducerDaniel Tyrrell
Melee Ship Design SupportRussell Borogove, Dan Evans, Mark Jensen, Brian Sexton
Dialog WritingAllen Edwards, Mark Jensen, Brian Sexton
Dialog EditingAllen Edwards, George MacDonald, Tomi McNaughton, Brian Sexton
Test Department SupervisorAlex V. Cabal
Test LeadDaniel Tyrrell
Game TestersMatt Abrams, Richard Gangwish, Matthew Guzenda, Erik Johnson, Tomi McNaughton, Brian Sexton
Test SupportHarvey Bush, Brian P. Clayton, Sean Dornan-Fish, Tim Gonsalves, Daniel Grove, Kraig Horigan, Bobby Tait
Art LeadHeather Capelli
Game ArtDavid Gustlin, Peter Wong
Art SupportShawn Monroe, Patricia Pearson
Sound SupportRudy Helm, Richard Kelly
Tools SupportJohn Canfield, David Houston
Manual ProductionWilliam D. Robinson
Manual WritingAllen Edwards, George MacDonald, William D. Robinson
HistorianBrian Sexton
Product Marketing ManagersMitch Kampf, Karen Safran, France M. Tantiado
Public RelationsBill Linn, Erica Krishnamurthy, Leila Pflager
Executive ProducerSteven Ackrich
Marketing DirectorNeil Johnston
Special Thanks toDianna Carroll, Kurtis Matthews, Tara Stauduhar

Legend Entertainment Company

Project LeaderMichael Lindner
Team LeadersJim Tyler, Mark Poesch
StoryDaniel Greenberg, Michael Lindner
Plot DevelopmentDaniel Greenberg
Interactive ScriptingDaniel Greenberg
Additional ScriptingGlen R. Dahlgren, Michael Lindner
Dialogue EditingAllyson Currin
Game Design (Script)Michael Lindner, Daniel Greenberg, Mark Poesch
Game System DesignMark Poesch, Michael Lindner, Steve Riley, Jim Montanus, Glen R. Dahlgren
Interface DesignMark Poesch, Steve Riley
Melee ProgrammingMark Poesch, Duane Beck, Chip Kerchner, Dan Wan
Melee Ship DesignDuane Beck, Robert Marker (Panoptic Imaging), Andrew Cubides (Panoptic Imaging)
System and Interface ProgrammingSteve Riley, Michael Shulman, Jim Montanus, Chip Kerchner, Mark Poesch, Duane Beck
Game ProgrammingMichael Lindner, Mark Poesch, Glen R. Dahlgren
Audio Interface Library 3.5Miles Design Inc.
Executive ProductionMichael Verdu
Testing CoordinationRosie Freeman, Daniel Tyrrell
TestingScott Underwood, Jeremy Lam, Jud Farsht, Martin De La Rosa, Dave Hogge, Joven J. Malazo, David NeSmith, Jonathan Stuart
Art DirectionMichael Lindner, Steve Riley
3D Modeling and Rendering / Panoptic ImagingRobert Marker, Miles Ritter, Margo Angevine, Andrew Cubides, Shih-Fu Peng, Roisin Heneghan
3D RenderingMark Poesch, Duane Beck, Jim Montanus
Art and AnimationPaul Mock, Kinetic Arts
Alien Character DesignMichael Lindner, Jordu Schell, Jerry Macaluso, Daniel Greenberg
Animatronics and Minatures Created bySOTA EFFECTS
Alien Set Design and ConstructionSteven Lebed
Special Effects SupervisionJerry Macaluso, Roy Knyrim
Lead Alien Design and SculptureJordu Schell
Anamatronics DesignerRoger Nall
Special Effects Director of PhotographySteven Lebed
Special Effects CrewMark Villalobos, Michael Rios, Brad Hennigan, Steve Blandino, Joe Castro, Joe Cornell, Francois Delas, Joshua Foster, Stella Knyrim, Claire Brien, Criswell Productions
Video Post-Production DirectorMichael Lindner
Video Post-Production FacilityFlite Three
Video Post-Production Facility CoordinatorMaureen Callaghan
Post-Production EngineerMichael Furr
Post-Production EditorKirk Davis
Post-Production Assistant EditorTracy Onofrio
Post-Production Paintbox EditorTracy Onofrio
Post-Production Image ProcessingMichael Furr, Michael Shulman, Mark Poesch
Audio Production and DirectionMichael Lindner, Kathleen Bober
Music CompositionAndrew Frazier
Sound EffectsAbsolute Pitch, Steven von Kampen
Voice Talent CastingKathleen Bober
Voice Talent DirectionDaniel Greenberg, Kathleen Bober
Audio Engineering and RecordingAbsolute Pitch
Voice Talent CastFranchelle Dorn (as VUX), Paul Skotarski (as Spathi), Mark Redfield (as Owa and Vyro-Ingo and Precursor and Narrator), J. R. Lyston (as Herald), Jacqueline Underwood (as Syreen and Pkunk), Jeff Baker (as Chmmr and Harika), Henry Strozier (as Ploxis), John Hansen (as Utwig and ICOM), John Dow (as Human), James Kinstle (as Lk), Gary Telles (as Exquivan), Bob Supan (as Arilou and Doog and K'tang and Kaktarri and Mycon and Orz), Mike Pengra (as Daktaklakpak and Clairconctlar and Ur-Quan and Kohr-Ah), Kathleen Bober (as Xchagger)
Based upon characters created and used under licence fromPaul Reiche III, Fred Ford

Warner Interactive

Product ManagerClaire Warnford-Davis
Quality AssuranceJamie Barber

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (158024), Shoddyan (14412) and Trixter (9115)

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