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Star Control 3 Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Main menu
A complete fleet of all races
Combat (Isometric view)
Combat (top-down view)
Got 'im!
The Humans
Hey, it's the ship from the Box Cover of SC2! Wait a minute... that's suppose to be the Sa-Matra?
Hierarchy and Alliance forces join to form the League of Sentient Races to save the galaxy (or die screaming in the process)
The almighty Ur-Quan have finally calmed down, and now they work for you!
The Ur-Quan dreadnoughts are as good as ever, and now they're on your side.
Now that the Ur-Quan are the good guys, a new interstellar thug squad is required. Meet the K'tang Kaktorri, footsoldiers of the Hedgemonic Crux
A star system is sucked into the void
The new Spathi look somehow Sesame Street-ish
Earth Cruiser and Spathi Eluder flying in formation
The Daktaklakpak learn the name of That Which Must Not Be Named...
...This doesn't work out too well for them.
The climactic showdown between the Sentient League's and Hedgemonic Crux's Precursor vessels.(Or you could be cheap and just waste theirs with an Ur-Quan)
The Orz want to *squeeze* your *juice*, so we must *dance*
The final battle with the Eternal Ones' Herald fleet
And the notoriously weak ending (Yes folks, this 5 second movie is all there is)