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Star Control II Credits

50 people (46 developers, 4 thanks)


Game Program & TechnologyFred Ford
Game Design & FictionPaul Reiche III
Special Thanks ToGreg Johnson
Additional DesignGreg Johnson, Fred Ford, Robert Leyland, Gregory D. Hammond
Additional WritingGreg Johnson, Mathias K. Genser, Robert Leyland, Iain McCaig, Tomi Quintana, Erol Otus, Leonard Rebel, John Estes
Art & AnimationGeorge Barr, Paul Reiche III, Erol Otus, Greg Johnson, Kyle Balda, Taunya Gren, Leonard Robel, Gregory D. Hammond, Armand Cabrera
Sound EffectsPaul Reiche III, Erol Otus, Fred Ford
MusicRiku Nuottaj├Ąrvi, Dan Nicholson, Marc Brown, Aaron J. Grier, Eric Berge, Kevin Palivec, Erol Otus, Tommy V. Dunbar
ProducerPam Levins
Assistant ProducerRobert V. Daly
PlaytestingPam Levins, Tomi Quintana, Joel Dinolt, Robert V. Daly, Gregory D. Hammond, B. J. Shea, Robert Leyland, Sean Vikoren, Mike Ebert, Tony Hsieh, ROL, Ed Gwynn, Akila Redmer, Russell Borogove, Steven Graziano, Mark Voorsanger
ManualPaula Polley, Paul Reiche III, Richard Moran
Manual IllustrationsJeff Rianda, George Barr
Manual UpdatesHarvey Bush, Daniel Grove, Josh Huynh, Ray Massa, David Foster, William D. Robinson, Bobby Tait
Online Manual AdaptationWilliam D. Robinson
Role Playing Resource Guide Written byFred Ford, Paul Reiche III
Role Playing Resource Guide Alien Illustrations byGeorge Barr
Role Playing Resource Guide Ship Illustrations byJeff Rianda
Paul's FoundationLaurie Reiche, Devin Reiche, Arianna Reiche

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Credits for this game were contributed by Tomer Gabel (4634), Shoddyan (14510), Tiago Santos (8), Indra was here (20843) and Aaron Grier (31)

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