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Advertising Blurbs

U.S. print ad (Genesis):
    THIS IS STAR CONTROL. The first 12-Megabit game. In a word GamePro calls it "fantastic." Game Players says "Even more impressive than the size of the game, though, is the game itself." Star Control is the perfect balance of interstellar combat and strategy, placing you as the ultimate starship warrior - fighting in a galactic war of epic proportions.

    * Explosive combat in the 27th century.

    Contributed by lugnut (382) on May 13, 2004.

Back of Box::


    The Ur-Quan Hierarchy - seven alien races welded to form the "evil empire" of the 27th century. Ruthlessly invading interstellar neighbors and slave-bonding the inhabitants. Now humanity is on their shopping list of species. You must join forces with the Alliance of Free Stars to defend the galaxy against the conquesting armies of the Ur-Quan. The captains of seven fantastic starfleets await your orders for battle. Who (or what) controls man's destiny? The answer is in the stars.

    Stunning graphics.

    Command spectacular starships. Match wits with animated aliens. Sense the unmatched dimension and drama of space.

    Strategy as deep as space itself.

    Build ships, mines and colonies. Deploy your fleet and explore the stars. Select from nine battle scenarios or create your own.

    Clash with the computer.

    Do you have the strategic savvy to take on your CPU? Do battle on three skill levels - tough, tougher, toughest.

    White-knuckle tactical combat.

    Choose one of 14 ships from either side, each with unique weapons, powers and maneuvering characteristics.

    War never sounded so good.

    Music and sound FX for ships, weapons and powers. Even the internal speaker sounds are outstanding.

    Practice option.

    It's best to hone combat skills in practice mode. One slip-up against an Ur-Quan guarantees a sure and swift death.

    One or two combatants.

    Wage war with the computer or against a friend. Choose the side of good or evil. Choose ships. Choose your strategy well.

    Engaging strategy! Furious space combat!
    From Fred Ford - and the co-designer of the Archon series - Paul Reiche III

    Contributed by Roedie (5250) on Dec 21, 2001.