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Star Control Credits

37 people (17 developers, 20 thanks)


Lead DesignPaul Reiche III
DesignFred Ford, Greg Johnson, Robert Leyland
Lead ProgrammingFred Ford
Additional ProgrammingRobert Leyland
Music / Sound ProgrammingKyle Freeman
Additional Graphics / ArtworkGreg Johnson, Paul Reiche III
MusicTommy V. Dunbar
SoundPaul Reiche III
DocumentationLarry Hall
ProducerPam Levins
SupportEdward Lerner, Evan Robinson, Nicky Robinson
PlaytestingMathias K. Genser, Fred Haslan, Pam Levins, Jeremy Leyland, Andy McKee, Akila Redmer, Mark Voorsanger
Special Thanks ToDavid Brin, Orson Scott Card, Arthur C. Clarke, Shelley M. Day, Peter Doctorow, Georgiann Feltz, Alan Dean Foster, Joe Halderman, Robert A. Heinlein, Roland Kippenhan III, Keith Laumer, Larry Niven, Andre Norton, Arianna Reiche, Devin Reiche, Laurie Reiche, Fred Saberhagen, Jason Sangermano, Dan Simmons, Jack Vance

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Credits for this game were contributed by Trixter (9117)