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Star Control Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen (MCGA/VGA)
Federation Starship vs. Klingon Bird-of-Prey... I mean, Earthling vs. Illwrath (MCGA/VGA)
The Ur-Quan Dreadnought is the undisputed king of the spaceways (MCGA/VGA)
The Syreen's song turns hostile aliens into rabid fan-boys (MCGA/VGA)
Close encounters of the third kind (MCGA/VGA)
The two most powerful races have it out (MCGA/VGA)
Select a campaign (MCGA/VGA)
Strategic combat in deep space (MCGA/VGA)
Let's get ready to rumble! (MCGA/VGA)
The Alliance victory screen (MCGA/VGA)
The Ur-quan Hierarchy victory screen (MCGA/VGA)
Up close and personal with the Ur-quan Dreadnought (MCGA/VGA)
Each ship has its own ingame data file (MCGA/VGA)
It's the 27th century and Earth's still using parts from the Reagan administration? (MCGA/VGA)
Chenjesu Broodhome (MCGA/VGA)
Title Screen (EGA)
A space battle around a life world is about to begin. (MCGA/VGA)
Face-off amongst the stars (EGA/Tandy)
Battlestations! (EGA/Tandy)
Life world, otherwise known as Target Practice (EGA/Tandy)
"Mmrnmhrm", you say? Oh, I see, you're busy eating... PLASMA DEATH. (EGA/Tandy)
Ur-Quan overlord strikes a pose (EGA/Tandy)
Mycon Podship, now with swanky green plasmoids (EGA/Tandy)
The not-at-all suggestive Syreen Penetrator (EGA/Tandy)
Title screen (CGA)
Game menu (CGA)
Chenjesu commander, set course to kick ass. (CGA)
Ilwrath vessel meets planet - hilarity ensues (CGA)
Umgah blobbies waving from atop their Drone (CGA)
Yes, these crop-circling, cattle-mutilating saucer dudes are part of the *good* guys. (CGA)