Die Zaldron Die!Contributed by Indra was here (20926) on Jun 26, 2003.

How to detect and/ or destroy the annoying Zaldrons:

  • Observe a 'flick' in the monitor screen when the Zaldron moves. The flick's last position may well be the Zaldron's last position (though this might be quite IMPOSSIBLE for today's processors).
  • Put yourself in a corner sector [(1,1)(1,10)(10,1)(10,10) and fire torpedoes straight and diagonally from your position. Example from (1,10) you should fire 3 torpedoes heading [0 degrees, 90 degress and 45 degrees).
  • Plant mines and a lot of them! Diagonally placed mines usually does the trick. Horizontal or Vertical also works, basically cut the screen in two with mines.
  • Wait for their shield to go down. Best used in Star base attacks. Ignore the Zaldron and eventually they will use up their power.

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