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Written by  :  James Kirk (168)
Written on  :  Jan 01, 2004
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars
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One of the best adventure games ever!

The Good

GRAPHICS: The graphics in this game are excellent. Full VGA graphics, with good animations and texturing overall makes this game a delight to look at.

INTERFACE: The game also excels in this. The interface is an intuitive "point and click" interface common in adventure games. There's the traditional inventory etc. Nothing radical, but it works very well.

SOUND: The game really stands out in this respect. Everyone returning from the series has the voice of the original actors. They deliver their dialogue in an extremely good manner. It's just like the television show in every respect. The weapon sounds also are top-notch. Overall, the sounds are excellent and serve to immerse you into the Star Trek atmosphere.

STORY: The missions in the game are essentially episodes of Star Trek. Occasionally they tie in with each other, but not often. However, the stories are excellent. There are multiple ways of completing the missions and many different outcomes, allowing for alot of playability.

COMBAT: Combat between ships is very arcade-like. You control everything with the mouse, firing your phasers and photon torpedoes. You aim, tell Scotty to repair damage to various systems etc. Overall, although simple, the combat is very fun and engaging, making for a nice change to the mostly non-violent adventures.

The Bad

Well, the game doesn't really have any flaws per se, except maybe that the "episodes" don't really have a unifying theme to them. A few elements may cross over (such as the Elasi Pirates) but generally they don't have much to do with each other.

Other than this minor nitpick, it's an excellent game!

The Bottom Line

There are some games that have a special quality that just makes them fun. be it Age of Empires, Civilization 3, or Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis, these games will always be among the best. This game is one of them.