Star Trek: 25th Anniversary Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Intro - You never forget these words for as long as you live...
Title screen
In Battle with an Elasi ship
Mission 1 title
Kirk, Spock and McCoy on mission
Starfleet Command debriefs you on your first mission.
United Federation of Planets - where were we supposed to go again?
Sending an away team. Energize!
Arriving at Pollux V - Rumors of Demons attacking the local colonists. Demons? Star Trek just turned Medieval Fantasy!
Our old friend ... Harcourt Fenton Mudd "Harry"
Observing an alien ship.
Mission 5 ... Quetzecoatle
Meeting a "Swap Thing" in Mission 5.
An energy ball is blocking our way.
Using a phaser ... deadly configured :-)
Alpha Proxima System ... we have to find the code for that door.
The "Republic" is heavily damaged.
All people on the "Republic's" bridge are dead.
The last fight against the "Enterprise II"
In a building on the first mission.
Neat-looking floor!
A space pirate...
Looks like a fight happened here!
In a hall on the captured ship
Nasty space pirates!
A space station
Ok, what does all this stuff do?
In a control room
Ok, now I rescued you two, now what?
In a strange alien craft
Near a Data orb
Stuck down in a pit.
Kirk stands before a Klingon court.
Looks like a futuristic Simion says...
Yeah! The door is opened!
Open that door!
McCoy mouths off...
The arch-bad guy
Intro - To explore strange new worlds... (EGA)
Orbiting a planet. (EGA)
Transporter. (EGA)
Talking. (EGA)
A colony building. (EGA)
Doctor McCoy examines a patient. (EGA)
Klingons?! (EGA)
Inventory. (EGA)
Giant rocks block the entrance intro the mine. (EGA)