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Star Wars: Dark Forces Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Opening Titles
Imperial scum
Death Star Plans
General and Vader
Dark Troopers heading the planet
Kyle listening the briefing
It wouldn't be a Star Wars title if it wouldn't consist of a scrolling prologue.
Selecting missions (though only up to the last one you've reached).
Jan, your sidekick and contact, here and in sequel.
Loading mission.
Enemy commander just tasted a bite of a laser gun.
Sneaking up from behind.
Checking the map.
Just landed, and ready to do some damage already.
Imperial commando is no more challenge than the stormtrooper.
Destroying some imperial drones.
Disposing of the guards around the mines.
Mano-a-beast hand-to-paw combat.
Using some heavy weaponry.
Throwing a grenade at two stormtroopers.
Tons of weapons
I have a bad feeling about this
The emperor won't be pleased