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Star Wars: TIE Fighter - Collector's CD-ROM Credits


Project LeaderLawrence Holland, Edward Kilham
3D Flight EnginePeter Lincroft
Cinematic EngineEdward Kilham, Albert Mack
Mission AI EngineLawrence Holland
Pilot Concourse ArtworkMartin Cameron, James McLeod
Cockpit ArtworkMartin Cameron, James Alexander Dollar, James McLeod
Story Development and Mission DesignLawrence Holland, Edward Kilham, David Maxwell, David Wessman
Mission BuildersDavid Maxwell, David Wessman
3D Flight Engine ModelsDave Bengel, Martin Cameron, Wade Lady, Peter Lincroft
iMUSE Interactive Music SystemJustin Graham, Michael Z. Land, Peter McConnell, Michael McMahon
Music and OrchestrationClint Bajakian, Michael Z. Land, Peter McConnell
Origional Star Wars Theme MusicJohn T. Williams
Sound EffectsClint Bajakian
Production ManagerWayne Cline
Voice ProducerTamlynn Niglio
Voice Directing and EditingKhris Brown
Additional Directing and EditingClint Bajakian, Peter McConnell
VoiceoversDenny Delk (as Priest, Zaarin, Ripoblus), Dan Hildebrand (as Wingman, Smuggler), Nick Jameson (as the Emperor, Harkov, Imperial Officer, Smugglers), Tris King (as Thrawn, Dimok), Scott Lawrence (as Darth Vader), Michael Oosterom (as Zaarin's Officer, Wingman), Guy Siner (as Briefing Officer), Simon Templeman (as Wingman, Civilian, Smuggler)
Lead TestersDoyle Gilstrap Jr., Brian Kemp
Assistant TestersLeyton Chew, Reed Knight, Darren Johnson
Tie CD TestingMatthew Azeveda, Albert Chen, John Hannon, Ryan Kaufman, Sean Matheis, Dan Pettit, Jason Yunker
Origional TestingDana Fong, Chris J. Purvis, Christopher John Snyder, Brett Tosti, Damon Tripodi
Additional TestingWilliam Burns, Ian Campbell, Scott Douglas, Matthew Forbush, Matthew Murphy, Dan Connors
Lead Compatibility TesterDoyle Gilstrap Jr.
Compatibility TestingAnthony Burquez, James Davison, Chip Hinnenberg
Quality Assurance SuperviserDan Connors
Quality Assurance ManagerMark Cartwright
Product Marketing ManagerBarbara Gleason
Package DesignJon Knoles, Terri Soo Hoo
Package Cover ArtRon K. Lussier
Manual Written ByWayne Cline
Technical DocumentationWayne Cline, Doyle Gilstrap Jr.
Product Support ManagerMara Kaehn
Special Thanks ToMichael Betram, Laurie Canfield, Heidi Kilham, Yali Lincroft, Debbie McLeod, Garry Sommers, Eva Tsai, Maria Venezia, Steve Dauterman, Robin Holland
Very Special ThanksGeorge Lucas
DesignLawrence Holland, Edward Kilham
Cut ScenesJon Knoles, James McLeod, Martin Cameron
ProducersKalani Streicher, Wayne Cline
Manual DesignShepard Associates
Project AdministrationRobin Holland
Original Theme MusicJohn T. Williams

Softgold Computerspiele

Project LeadMarkus Ludolf
CoordinationThorsten Neumann, Petra Orlovius
LocalisationNils Bote, Markus Ludolf
Voice ProductionAndre Bremer, Nils Bote
Manual TranslationsBernd Heuckendorf, Markus Ludolf
LecturerAntje Sprekeler, Annette Khartabil
Art DirectorOliver Dannat
ProducerJörgen Schlegel
Set / Fine‑DrawingMatthias Berghaus, Andreas Otte, Cord Steinbüchel
PrintingLippert Druck & Verlag

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159190) and Blacksun (92)