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Star Wars: X-Wing - B-Wing Credits


Created, designed, and project led byLawrence Holland, Edward Kilham
3D Polygon programming byPeter Lincroft
Cinematic Engine programming byEdward Kilham
Mission AI programming byLawrence Holland
Background Art byJon Knoles, James McLeod, Mark J. Ferrari
3D Animation and Rendering byMartin Cameron, Jon Knoles, James McLeod
3D Flight Engine Models byWade Lady
Mission Design byDavid Maxwell, David Wessman
Additional Models byJohn Bell, Daniel Colon Jr.
Theme Music byJohn T. Williams
Additional Music and Orchestration byClint Bajakian, Michael Z. Land, Peter McConnell
Sound‑effects byClint Bajakian, Robin Goldstein
Dialog Editing byClint Bajakian
<i>i</i>MUSE™ Electronic Music System byMichael Z. Land, Peter McConnell
Produced byLawrence Holland, Kalani Streicher
Associate ProducerWayne Cline
LucasArts QA SupervisorMark Cartwright
TestersWilliam Burns, Mark Cartwright, Wayne Cline, Dan Connors, Dana Fong, Matthew Forbush, Doyle Gilstrap Jr., Chip Hinnenberg, David Maxwell, Brett Tosti, David Wessman
Product Marketing ManagerBarbara Gleason
Public Relations ManagerSue Seserman
Manual Written byWayne Cline, David Wessman
Manual Design byMark Shepard
Package Design byTerri Soo Hoo
Cover Art byMartin Cameron
Technical Support ManagerKhris Brown
Technical SupportLleslle Aclaro, Jason Deadrich, Mara Kaehn, Andrew Nelson, Tabitha Tosti
Special Thanks toGeorge Lucas

German Version (Softgold Computerspiele GmbH)

Project LeadThomas Brockhage
Manual TranslationJasper Bongertz
Game TranslationThomas Buchhorn, Nils Bote
Editorial DepartmentAnnette Khartabil
CoordinationKristin Dodt
Design SupervisionOliver Dannat, Jörgen Schlegel

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Credits for this game were contributed by Belboz (6576) and Xoleras (66746)