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Atari Cyberweek

Star Wars: X-Wing Credits

61 people (55 developers, 6 thanks)


Design and Project ManagementLawrence Holland, Edward Kilham
3D Polygon ProgrammingPeter Lincroft
Cinematic Engine ProgrammingEdward Kilham
Mission AI ProgrammingLawrence Holland
Background ArtworkJon Knoles, James McLeod
3D Animation and RenderingMartin Cameron
3D Flight Engine ModelsWade Lady, Peter Lincroft
Additional 3D ModelsJohn Bell, Daniel Colon Jr.
Mission DesignWayne Cline, Lawrence Holland, Jon Knoles, Peter Lincroft, David Maxwell, Kalani Streicher, David Wessman, Gregory D. Hammond
Theme MusicJohn T. Williams
Additional Music and OrchestrationClint Bajakian, Michael Z. Land, Peter McConnell
Sound EffectsClint Bajakian, Robin Goldstein
Dialog EditingRobin Goldstein
iMUSE(tm) Electronic Music SystemMichael Z. Land, Peter McConnell
ProducersLawrence Holland, Kalani Streicher
Lead TestersDavid Maxwell, David Wessman
LucasArts QA SupervisorWayne Cline
TestersMark Cartwright, Steve Dauterman, Chip Hinnenberg, Michael Levine
Invaluable SupportHeather Barclay, Laurie Canfield, Heidi Gebhard, Yali Lin, Debbie McLeod, Robin Holland
Special Thanks ToGeorge Lucas
Product MarketingMary Bihr
Public RelationsSue Seserman
Manual and Reference CardKalani Streicher, David Wessman
Manual and Reference Card Design & LayoutMark Shepard
Package DesignTerri Soo Hoo
Cover ArtMartin Cameron

German Version

German VersionSOFTGOLD Computerspiele GmbH
Project LeadThomas Brockhage
LocalisationJasper Bongertz
Additional LocalisationEddi Blenkers
LecturerAnnette Khartabil
CoordinationKristin Dodt
Art SupportOliver Dannat
Set & LithographyLasenga & Partner GmbH, SCHAFFmeister...! D├╝sseldorf

The Farlander File

StoryRusel DeMaria
ConceptsRusel DeMaria, Lawrence Holland, with special thanks to Lucasfilm Ltd.; George Lucas; West End Brooks
Original ArtOcean Quigley
3D ModelsMartin Cameron, John Bell
LayoutRusel DeMaria, Marian Hartsough
Project Coordination and special assistance at LucasArtsLawrence Holland, Mary Bihr, Kalani Streicher, Edward Kilham
Project Coordination and special assistance at Prima PublishingBen Dominitz, Ron Resnick, Laurie Stewart, Roger Stewart, Kim Bartusch
Cover DesignDunlavey Studios
Cover ArtworkOcean Quigley
Editing and ProofingKathy Mejia, Zach Meston
Special Thanks ToRichard Hawran (at West End Brooks), Greg Farshtey (at West End Brooks), Stephen Crane (at West End Brooks), Bill Smith (at West Ende Brooks), Kerry Nordquist (at Industrial Light and Magic)
German VersionSoftgold Computerspiele GmbH
German TranslationJasper Bongertz

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Credits for this game were contributed by vedder (60382), Luiz Pacheco (1303) and formercontrib (157998)

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