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X-Wing Strategy Guide: 1 Nov 2009

About: This guide was designed for the original DOS game. I do not have the expansions and do not cover them. The guide does not cover "everything." It covers what I have figured out and what I suggest, with exception of what I forgot to type. God forbid someone out there actually reads this and wants to update it, my email is [email protected]


  1. You get zero points if you die and don’t complete the mission. You get zero if your total points would be less than zero.
  2. You subtract a point for every laser you fire that misses. I don’t think ion cannons count. You subtract 50 points for every missile you fire that doesn’t hit.
  3. You add 2 points for every laser you fire that hits. You add 50 points for every missile you fire that hits.
  4. You add 1500 points if you complete the mission.
  5. You add the following points for each enemy craft you kill:
    A-wing: 800
    Bomber: 600
    Corvette: 1600
    Destroyer: 8000
    Fighter: 400

    Gunboat: 800
    Interceptor: 600
    Shuttle: 800
    Transport: 600
    X-wing: 600
    Y-wing: 400
  1. Save your pilot to a backup file and copy your pilot around as it increases from rookie to topace so that you don’t lose everything when you die and so that you eventually have competent wingmen. In dos, use “copy name.plt backup.plt” to back up your pilot. Then for wingmen, I did “copy backup.plt wingx.plt” where x was a number. Finally, if you die or are captured, type “copy backup.plt name.plt” to restore your pilot. Typically missions will be set to have you captured or rescued, so some missions are more dangerous than others. You may want to have another backup just in case you screw up the order at some point, or have a wingman be an alternate backup.

  2. Hull damaging: Sometimes if you hull damage, say, a bomber, it will head back to where it came from. If you finish it off and there are none others of its group remaining (e.g. it was a Gamma bomber and no other Gamma bombers remain), you will usually have another of that group immediately spawn that you have to deal with. If you let one ship from a group return hull damaged and have the rest of the group dead, it can buy you valuable time. This can work with bombers and interceptors – I’m fairly sure it doesn’t work with other types of enemy craft.

  3. Ion cannons: If you are in a Y-wing, you can do something similar to hull damaging if there is something you can disable. Sometimes if you kill off a gunboat group, for example, another group of the same ships you just killed will immediately hyperspace in. If you disable one and let it sit, the new group will not come in. This won’t work so well if you have a wingman b/c the wingman may kill it off – you can always send your wingmen home however. You can usually disable anything with shields (not bombers, fighters, or interceptors). It can be ideal for shuttles, transports, and gunboats.

  4. Missile dodging: If press space after a missile is fired at you, you can dodge it if you are going fast enough (probably better than 90 mph but I haven’t tested it). You need to make a hard turn just before it would otherwise hit you. Then you can get the missile in front of you and try to fire at it. It should be moving up when you try to face it and the distance between it and you should be fairly constant. If it is too far away and you face it then it will just smack into you unless you get a lucky shot on it.

  5. Charging: You can kill fighters that initially engage you from range with precise targeting. Often you can hit them for about half a click before they hit you. You can also try to charge enemies that shoot missiles at you and often your lasers will kill the incoming missiles. This is very dangerous and you should break off the charge in most situations as soon as you start getting hit.

  6. Killing Star Destroyers: It takes time and may not be worth it, but you can take out star destroyers with a little work. Drop whatever fighter groups are on you to only having one in each. – although you might not bother specifically with tie fighters because they tend to die off in all the flack. Then use missiles or lasers if you are out on the shield towers at the top of the destroyer. Once its shields are down, disable it if you are in a Y-wing (note that it will still spit out ties even if disabled). Otherwise just make runs on it. I have better luck making runs on it from behind as there seem to be less lasers that come out of it. You have to do a lot of moving around while you make these runs to dodge lasers and any enemies on your tail. Also if it is moving, you close in slower and pull away faster, which is what you want. Sometimes I adjust my engines up when I am pulling away and push them back in when I am going back in, depending on how much crap I have on me.

  7. Killing frigates: The strategy is the same for star destroyers except these are much harder to kill. They have no shield generator you can take out, and they are a much smaller target. I don’t like to bother with them generally- they are even a pain with a Y-wing.

  8. Killing corvettes: They have a blind spot in the back. If you don’t have fighters on you, you can maneuver in right up behind it and go at 1/3 to no speed. It can’t hit you and it will die fast. Be careful pulling away because it will still fire lasers at you until it has actually blown up. This goes for star destroyers and frigates also. I think the turrets on either side of a corvette can actually be destroyed, but I never bother with that.

  9. Killing fast versus slow craft: For things like gunboats, bombers, and shuttles, you usually want your shields and lasers to full. For tie fighters, interceptors, and such, you probably want your shields at normal and your lasers at increased. If you are too slow, it will be much harder to target the faster craft and they will have an easier time making runs on you. It all depends on how much you have on you though.
Historical and Training guide (or lack thereof): If you want the badges, you have to complete the historical missions and get past level 8 in the training missions. They are pretty straightforward so I won’t go into detail. I will mention that you can kill the turrets that attack you from the back in the later training missions. Just fire at where they would be if they were attacking you from the front and you’ll see them blow up behind the little gates.

TOD guide:

1.1 – Send your wingman home. Kill the two nearest freighters that have their shields down. Then put all of your power into engines and head for the furthest freighter. Kill that one then work your way back towards where you started killing all the freighters as you go. If you’re quick about it, just as you are destroying the last freighter, a frigate will pop in. Kill 2 of the 3 tie fighters in each group, then send all 6 of your torpedoes at the frigate. Drop the frigate. Kill the last two tie fighters. (X-wing, Easy, Rescue)

1.2 – Kill one tie fighter so that you only have one following you around. If you put your shields to ¾ and lasers to nothing you can just zip around and identify everything. The mission should be pretty easy. If you want to, you can try to take things out. Don’t fire at the star destroyer when it comes in or you’ll get 6 bombers, and it spits out 6 interceptors when it arrives. I tried to kill everything but I only got 4 corvettes and a freighter. Once the bombers got on me , it was so laggy I couldn’t really function. (A-wing, Easy, Capture)

1.3 – The only threats are the tie bombers. Hull damage them until they go back or kill them off. Once the shuttles are safe and the mission is complete, put 3 torpedoes into each of the star destroyer’s shield generators. Once the shields are down, kill it off. Kill any remaining ties and head home. (X-wing, Easy, Capture)

1.4 – The first wave of tie fighters and bombers are basically a distraction. I went out and killed one bomber then turned back around. The other alliance fighters will deal with the first wave. The second wave will come from a second front; the enemy frigate will hyperspace out and back in again. The 2 tie fighters will attack a shuttle unless you intercept them. The 3 tie bombers will blow up the corvette unless you stop them as well. Don’t bother with the frigate; I had it nearly to shields down and it hyperspaced out with around 6:30 remaining. (X-wing, Medium)

1.5 – Kill the tie fighters. For some reason my wingman started attacking one of the Y-wings – tell it to ignore its target if you see that going on. Kill the corvette. Kill any remaining freighters. Then if you want to, start working toward the star destroyer. Hull damage the interceptor groups. When you make your first run on the destroyer, 6 interceptors will come out. Get away from the destroyer and drop 5 of the 6, then finish the destroyer. Kill the ties. Hyper out. (X-wing, Easy)

1.6 – Kill Y-Wings until the transports show up, then kill them and keep killing them until the mission is complete. Then go back to the Y-Wings and just kill anything blue. My wingmen started attacking the red A-wing so you’ll want to watch for that (again). (A-Wing, Easy, Rescue)

1.7 – Put all your energy into engines and catch x-wing 2 immediately. Get in close then transfer power to lasers and disable it. Then help with the other x-wings if necessary. Your help will leave and you can start intercepting the interceptors. Hull damage them when possible and close in on the destroyer. Use torpedoes to take out the shield generators and then disable it. It will still spit out interceptors even though it is disabled, so go ahead and destroy it. Kill the ties. Hyper out. (Y-wing, Easy)

1.8 – This can be a tricky mission. My suggestion is to kill one tie fighter and then identify all of the transports. Slow down and try to do a few at a time; the one tie fighter isn’t going to kill you. Once you find the prisoners (I think it’s Lamda 5 and Omnicon 4 or the other way around), kill all the other transports with lasers. If you disable one of the ones with troopers, it will trigger an alliance shuttle to come in, which triggers 2 tie interceptors to come in that will want to kill it. So use the ion cannons on the last 2 transports and then kill interceptors as fast as you can. If you can’t kill the interceptors fast enough, you will fail the mission. Once the mission is complete, you are in a Y-wing, and there are two frigates. Try to identify one and work on it first – when you attack each one, 4 more interceptors will come out. Kill 3 of the 4 in the groups. Once you have a frigate at shields down, disable it, and then do the same with the other. Finish them off and then drop the ties. If you are having difficulty with this mission, you can disable one of the transports with the prisoners and let the other one be. Protect the shuttle while it gets the prisoners off the first transport. Once you feel that shuttle is reasonably safe, THEN go after the other transport with prisoners and disable it. You do not have to destroy any transports to complete the mission; you only need to get the prisoners on the shuttles and have the shuttles hyperspace out. (Y-wing, Hard)

1.9 – The wait at the beginning of this one is no fun. Basically, kill everything. Get the bombers immediately when they pop out. It seems the first tie in some of the flight groups will go after targets you are trying to protect while the other 2 will engage you and your wingmen. So try to kill the first of the flight groups, all of the bombers, and as many interceptors as you can. I took the star destroyer to shields down and was working its hull, but it just hyperspaced out. (A-wing, Medium)

1.10 – Approach the shuttles at a fast speed. When all but one of them turns to attack you, make evasive maneuvers. Kill off all the shuttles that are attacking you, and then all of the ties that are on you. Then put all your energy into engines and catch the shuttle that you need to disable. Once this is done, start killing interceptors as fast as you can. Again, if you don’t, you will fail the mission. You can hull damage one and if it heads back to the destroyer, you win. This is another Y-wing mission, so the star destroyer is easy to disable. You’ll need to drop two bombers that it pops out though. (Y-wing, Medium)

1.11 – The transport that isn’t docking is the one with the tech staff that you need to identify. Once you identify it, an alliance transport comes in. All I did was watched for any green fire going toward the transport. My wingman was pretty busy; I think I might have seen the gunboat attack the transport and I’m pretty sure I saw some tie fighters on it. Once the mission is complete, kill the freighters because that’s where the new interceptors and fighters come from. Then just clear everything. (A-wing, easy)

1.12 – Destroy the minefield and disable the freighter. Once the alliance shuttle completes the capture, 2 imperial shuttles and transports will hyperspace in. Ignore the shuttles; they have you targeted. The transports will try to take out the freighter (and they will do it fast if you don’t intervene). Drop one transport with 2 missiles, and disable the other. Then drop and disable a shuttle. Once the mission is complete, clean up.

2.1 – Difficult mission… Kill one tie interceptor and one tie fighter on the way to the enemy transport. Be fast about it- if you don’t kill the ties in one pass keep going. Personally, I like to park right next to the transport and kill it – then speed off. You could die doing this if a tie gets on you. It is difficult to hit the transport and not the freighter from a distance, even with precision. Once that part is done, you’ll have to kill any bombers instantly or you will lose, and any tie interceptors have to be distracted or you’ll lose. Don’t attack the star destroyer until the mission is complete or you’ll have 3 interceptors and 3 bombers on you. I was able to take out the star destroyer after I completed the mission. (A-wing, Hard, Capture)

2.2 – Kill everything except the freighter and then identify it. Then just kill the ties until the mission is complete. The destroyer is vulnerable but will shoot out 3 interceptors and 3 bombers when you attack it. (X-wing, Easy, Capture)

2.3 – Another easy mission - kill the corvettes, then the shuttles and transports, next the freighters, and lastly the gunboats. They will fire some missiles at you, but you’re in a Y-wing and it doesn’t do much. (Y-wing, Easy)

2.4 – Kill the shuttles and then the transport that comes in when your shuttle comes in and gets close to the freighter. Then just wait by the freighter until it is captured. A star destroyer will then come in and you need to go full speed to the bombers it spits out. If you do not kill them quickly, you lose. The destroyer spits out 6 interceptors and 6 bombers if you attack it – I didn’t want to mess with it. (Y-wing, Medium)

2.5 – Hull damage one of the bombers that attacks you from the group of 3. Then just kill the rest of the ties – those closest to the freighter first. They should just come one at a time once you clean up a little. The destroyer will hyperspace out. (A-wing, Medium)

2.6 – I didn’t write notes on this one and I’m not sure about it. I think this is the mission where there are shuttles that attack you and transports that hyperspace in and send torpedoes at your corvette and such. If it is, which I think it is, the only thing that has to happen for you to complete the mission is that your corvette has to live. So … keep the transports dead. Gunboats don’t do very well versus corvettes b/c they are pretty slow. I am thinking this is an X-wing mission but I’m not sure. (Medium)

2.7 – The main threat in this mission is the shuttles which will keep coming in. If you have topace wingmen, they kill it efficiently as long as you tell them to. I just had my wingmen kill the shuttles while I took out the gunboats. (A-wing, Easy)

2.8 – If you put everything into engines except shields at normal rate you can zip around and identify the freighters. Time is important in this one because the destroyer will spit out more and more interceptors as time goes on. Freighters V and III have the hyperdrives if I remember; you can quickly find them and drop them and be done with the mission. I started working on the interceptors to go after the destroyer, but I got lazy and discouraged because the interceptors just kept coming. I’m not sure what comes out if you actually attack it either. (X-wing, Medium, Capture)

2.9 – Kill the nearest gunboats and thereafter any that are attacking you. Then drop the corvettes so that your wingmen don’t get credit for them. Finish the remaining gunboats and the mission should complete. If you go after the star destroyer that is 50 clicks out, 6 new gunboats and 6 new tie bombers will come in. They will bombard you with missiles and drop your wingmen. (Y-wing, Easy, Capture)

2.10 – The main threat is the tie bombers which will fire missiles at you. The Y-wings will keep coming even if they die which makes it hard to get credit for the Star Destroyer. At around 9 minutes left, 4 gunboats will come in. If they are destroyed, 4 more will keep coming. The gunboats will also flood you with missiles. Hull damaging a bomber should give you time to put your missiles into the shield generators and the second round of Y-wings will destroy the Star Destroyer and complete the mission long before any gunboats arrive. (X-wing, Easy, Capture)

2.11 – Tantive IV has Princess Leia onboard. A Star Destroyer will hyperspace in, release 8 gunboats, and hyperspace out. The gunboats are in two groups of 4, and the MU group will attempt to disable the corvette with Leia aboard. Missiles may or may not kill the gunboats depending on trajectory, but it will interrupt their attack runs. Tantive IV must survive for mission completion – there appears to be no real threat to the shuttle. (X-wing, Easy)

2.12 – A bunch of tie bombers will be on the way towards Tantive IV. Take out the Gamma bombers and then attack the Delta. It is difficult because some of the Deltas will flood you with missles. Gunboats will hyperspace in at some point also. Once the corvette hyperspaces out and the mission is complete, the bombers and gunboats stop coming. I sent a hull-damaged delta and gamma back to the Star Destroyer and they were recovered, but no new bombers were sent out. The Star Destroyer was easily destroyed without any other ships around. (A-wing, Difficult, Rescue)

3.1 – Only the freighter and the corvette have to survive; the containers don’t matter. The bombers are top priority but there is a little time to drop the fighters. The Star Destroyer may be vulnerable but I ran into it going too fast. (A-wing, Easy)

3.2 – Drop the bombers and fighters that are mobile quickly and then take out the mines. If you can get this done quickly enough, your wingman will drop the corvette and the freighter. This leaves you the other immobile smaller spacecraft. When the frigate comes in, you can drop one of the bombers and fighters so that you one have one of each on you. Then you can finish off the remaining immobile craft to complete the mission. The frigate is vulnerable and relatively easy, as far as frigates go, to take down with the bomber and fighter on you. (Y-wing, Medium, Capture)

3.3 – A bunch of gunboats come in and you want to kill as many as possible. The biggest threat is a transport that will hyperspace in at some point and try to kill the transport that the alliance captured. If you kill this transport, it will hyperspace right back in again, so it is best to disable it. A star destroyer will come in at some point but the mission will probably be over. If you attack the star destroyer, it will release 6 bombers and 6 interceptors and you will be bombarded with missiles. (Y-wing, Medium, Capture)

3.4 – The first wave of 6 bombers will be launching at the cruiser before you can get to them, so skip them and move to the 6 Delta bombers. Fly in behind them and make them abort their paths. Then move to the Alpha bombers and do the same. The cruisers and your wingmen will kill just about everything. The star destroyer will hyperspace back in at some point and launch a bunch of interceptors. I ignored these and attempted to take out the destroyer’s shield generators, but my frame rate was so bad I’d either run into them or miss. I did eventually get them down, but it wasn’t until my wingmen were dead and I ended up dying from an interceptor flood. (X-wing, Easy, Rescue)

3.5 - Kill off the fighters and gunboats first, then disable the corvette. A new wave of small craft will be on the way from the star destroyer. Kill anything that fires missiles and ignore the rest. Once your shuttle hyperspaces out, the mission is complete. I was a bit concerned about an enemy shuttle that came in, but I decided to ignore it and the mission still completed. The destroyer is vulnerable; use torpedoes to destroy the shield towers and then take out the destroyer while the other alliance fighters keep the interceptors busy. Once the destroyer is out, take out the rest of the interceptors. Kill off the corvette before you leave after the mission is complete. (Y-wing, Easy, Capture)

3.6 – Have your wingman cover you and put all 8 of your torpedoes into frigate Priam. Then begin carefully clearing the minefield. The most important thing is to watch for transport Omega which will hyperspace in and attempt to dock to frigate Priam. Setting your wingman to attack the transport will not work – you have to do it yourself. The A-wings will do well against other fighters, but you may want to peel off and kill one bomber when they pop out. If you tell your wingman to attack the frigate, it will with lasers, but it won’t last long at all. The A-wings will be dog-fighting near the frigate and will go too fast to be hit significantly, and this will give you easy attack runs to finish off the frigate. Once the frigate is destroyed, finish off the remaining bombers and fighters. The A-wings will hyperspace out and all that will be left is you and 3 easy corvettes. Wipe them out and head home. (Y-wing, Medium, Capture)

3.7 – Let the tie fighters and the Y-wings go at it for a little to buy yourself some time to destroy the mines. Once this is finished, hull damage a bomber and then kill the fighters. The frigate won’t send out fighters and bombers indefinitely, so keep killing them. If your first Y-wing squadron becomes ineffective, tell them to hyperspace out and when the last one leaves, 6 new ones will hyperspace in. You can attack the frigate until its shields are down to accelerate the mission – once it is disabled, you can go afk because it takes awhile for them to capture it and there isn’t any further threat (A-wing, Easy)

3.8 – Do not try to kill the shuttles – you can’t stop them from repairing the corvettes. There are no threats to the Y-wings and they will disable the corvettes. Drop the Rho and Tau groups of gunboats down to 1 each, then go full speed towards the corvettes. Use your lasers to take them to shields down if necessary. Hopefully the Rho and Tau gunboats you left alive are not killed by your wingman (one of your wingmen will die almost immediately). If the Rho or Tau groups are killed completely, more will just hyperspace in. Once the alliance shuttles show up to capture the corvettes, 2 gunboats will come in to destroy each shuttle (4 new gunboats total). You must destroy these gunboats while avoiding the 2 that are on you. Once the shuttles are away, another 2 gunboats each (again 4 new gunboats total) will come in and go after you or the corvettes. Hyperspace out once the shuttles and corvettes are safe, because the gunboats will just keep coming and sending missiles your way. (X-Wing, Hard, Capture)

3.9 – The frigate will hyperspace out near the end of the mission, so don’t bother. It doesn’t always hyperspace in at the same place, so if it comes in and immediately starts killing containers, you might hyperspace out and restart the mission. 50% of each of the container groups must survive (2 of each) and A-wing blue group has to arrive to complete the mission. The mission is mostly about staying alive as the bombers will attack you with missiles, but occasionally one will attack the containers. Check your map to make sure none of the bombers are engaging the containers frequently, and let hull damaged bombers that are returning to the frigate live to buy you time between bomber waves. (A-wing, Hard, Rescue)

3.10 – The A-wings will slow down the attack of the nearest bombers from the northwest (Alpha group I think). Go after the incoming craft from the northeast. You will spend most of your time trying to stay alive. Come back to the cruiser as soon as you can because the A-wings will not hold off the northwest bombers and they will continue to loop around and launch more torpedoes at the cruiser (as will any craft that get by you). The cruiser should make it, but it will take quite a bit of damage. I could not get to the star destroyer to take it out; there were just too many enemy craft. (X-wing, Medium-Hard, Rescue)

3.11 – This mission is all about evasion. Set your shields to full recharge and put all laser power into your engine. Tell your wingmen to cover you. If you get a missile on you, target it and try to dodge it. Keep making your way as fast as you can without dying to the comm. Sat. It only takes one laser or missile to complete the mission, it’s just whether or not you can survive the 10 clicks it takes to get there. Don’t bother trying to fight your way through; any group you kill will just come back to you. Your wingmen will buy you time as targets so long as they live, and you don’t want the tie advanced on you. If you die immediately after you kill the comm. sat, you may not complete the mission. If there is a 5 second delay or so, you will complete it and be rescued. (X-wing, Hard, Rescue)

3.12 – Hull damage the bombers and they will start wandering off to nowhere which is what you want. So long as your wingman is alive, keep its target as a tie fighter so the bombers are not destroyed. Leave one fighter alive from each group and then kill the containers. Be careful to get close enough to the containers to ensure that your missiles won’t hit the death-star surface which can block your missiles and prevent them from hitting. Once the containers are destroyed, you can kill all of the fighters. Then start making circles around the nav buoy and take out any tower that fires at you. This mission is quite time consuming. (X-wing, Annoying, Rescue)

3.13 – It seems there are two ways to do this and I’ve only tried one. If you kill all the tie fighters, they won’t come back and the rest is cake. The problem is that it is laggy due to the death star surface, and 4 of the ties are tie advanced. I noticed the last time I did this mission though that once I got into the approach on the exhaust port that I was able to do speeds in excess of 300. I don’t think the ties could keep up and that this is the faster and easier way to complete the mission, but I haven’t tried it. If you come out of the canyon thing, you’ll lose speed and the laser towers will hit you. I’ve found if I bob up and down in and out of the canyon and move side to side slightly that I barely get hit. Putting two torpedoes into the exhaust port is pretty easy. (X-wing, Hard Possibly Easy)

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