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Written by  :  Sam Hardy (82)
Written on  :  Jun 29, 2001
Rating  :  4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars

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If you liked the movies....

The Good

Story: The Rebellion is starting to make a name for itself. Dozens of worlds are turning towards them. This is where you enter. The story stretches on for about 6 Tour of duties, before ending at a brilliant recreation of the Death Star Trench Run.

Menu: Takes a hint from Wing Commander, the interior of a space ship with different hanger doors that take you to other parts of the world, battle fronts or mission logs.

Graphics: A full 3D engine is alive here boys. The main shape of all the ships is amazing for a game that old. They look like they are from the movie. TIE fighters have shaded parts of their wings so that they look like the solar arrays they had in the movies and all rebel craft have markings on them. Lasers and torpedoes are done well, with torpedoes looking just as fearsome as they are. Lasers diminish as your laser energy goes. Hyperspace lines are also shown, as well as brilliant cut scenes.

Sound: Gahh...brilliant! Well conceived MIDIs of the Star Wars sound track, lasers, explosions sound far off when you are far, the wingmen reply to you in voice, as well as fully voiced cut scenes. Full marks

Gameplay: Jumping in does not get you far. There is a well made training center that lets you earn awards in all of the courses you do. Training really gets you to know about your craft. Then there are the historic battles: training one step further. These missions are well set out and offer plenty of action. In the main battle ground things From inspecting corvettes while dodging laser fire, to helping perform an attack on a Star Destroyer all add the game. The A.I is brilliant, craft dodge your attacks, other craft and move very well. Your wingmen are smart as well, they know when to attack or not and don't get fried like other wingmen in other Sci-fi fighters (Wing commander). The cut scenes have been drawn well, very well indeed. Not a detail is missed, from the glow of computer screens on people's faces a recreation of the death star explosion scene from Star Wars, right down to the music. It all shines as a well made movie. Take off and landing scenes are also shown, as well as hyperspace entry and exit. You can even see the blue lines on the screen, just like the movie. You win awards in the game. These are displayed brilliantly on a coat in the medals room, making you feel proud, and all medals are named with names like "Star of Alderann". All Tour of Duty missions are also presented. Flying the game is easy. Most of the main keys are centered around the Enter key so you don't have to fly your hand across the key board. You can get damaged, your R2- unit (When you have one) can repair this damage, a cut scene at the end of a mission after you have scored a beating shows your craft with bits hanging off being repaired. Missions can be recorded and even replayed halfway in through the recording. There is also a detailed holographic map, showing all the technical details of craft.

The Bad

Not much, some levels got boring, some enemy were too hard. apart from that this game has few flaws.

The Bottom Line

For all people even the fans. Star Wars has come alive.