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Stargunner Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Intro sequence
Title screen
Main menu
Supply store
The Scout Mission begins.
You can blast those crates up top to release bonus items or just points.
These spheres are mines and must be dodged or blown up. They take quite a few hits!
This "Mystery" bonus could be a weapon upgrade/switch or just points.
I blew up in a blaze of glory.
These electrified "gates" need their generators blown up before you can pass. Otherwise you gotta time it right between pulses to pass.
Invincibility bonus is on!
Crashing in outer space cut-scene.
Setting off a nuke.
Those guys look like they want to be rescued.
The Terran Assault begins at this cliffside.
Watch out for volcanoes going off.
These helicopters suddenly pop out from between canyons.
Crashing cut-scene on the planet surface.
Aquatic combat begins here.
You can and must jump out of the water for certain sections.
A sunken ship holds many dangers.
This battleship you're swimming by sends off depth charges.
Sharks vs space-ship?
"Crashing" under-water.
Taking another go but this time armed to the teeth.
If you're nor careful you will blast the hostages away. Here, they're taking a full blast a point blank.
High scores