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Written by  :  David Ledgard (63)
Written on  :  Feb 09, 2005
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
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Good sequel to Planetfall but a bit to much the same

The Good

The space station and illegal village. Forms, forms, forms.... Floyd the child like Robot! Oliver! Plato swat and villain! Made me study robotics at University, partly. The blueprints of the Space-station and 3 possible connecting section including Science. The Story: Thanks to your exploits in Planetfall you have received a big fat promotion but your life of dull scrub work has been replaced by a life of dull paperwork. You job today to collect forms from a Space-station printing plant. You need a co-pilot to operate the scooter from the Robot Pool but who will you choose the heavy lifting robot Rex, the spindly robot Helen or your old Pal Floyd! Choose carefully. If you get to the Space-station you will find it deserted. You need to find forms and cards to get out and about. Some creatures in the village will also be of help. As time goes on machines and robots go wrong thanks to the presence of a Evil Alien Pyramid. You must defeat this Pyramid to win. Don't expect a happy ending.

The Bad

The copy protect. Read the form at the exact time to get the scooter to go to the station, it took me a long time to figger this one out right at the start of the game.

The Bottom Line

Good sequel.